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"If you are a dreamer, come in. If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar, a Hope-er, a Pray-er, a Magic Bean buyer; if you're a pretender, come sit by my fire. For we have some flax-golden tales to spin. Come in! Come in!" -- Shel Silverstein

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Trouble with Martyrs

Well, when there isn't the loud clamor of those who are standing firm with an undercurrent of hostility, that sound you hear is the rending of garments and the great wailing and gnashing of teeth from the Right side of the Church.

You can read all about the latest martyrs for the cause of orthodoxy at the usual websites. One might wonder, however, how all of these law suits are being financed.

'Telling Secrets' has done exhaustive research and discovered that while the Rev. Ms. Kennedy has been thinking Very Big Thoughts about homeschooling, recipes, and housecleaning, Rev. Mr. Kennedy has been hard at work building up a war chest for the spiritual warfare ahead.

Google his name on YouTube and, when he isn't holding insightful interviews, you'll find him surfing in Tasmania, playing professional hockey, and kicking butt as a really good bass soloist.

But, here he is in what is, perhaps his most controversial role and, no doubt, his most financially lucrative.

The trouble with martyrs is that they are often so boring. Not so with the Kennedy's. No sireebob.

You might not have been able to guess it from his sermons but Their Matt is quite imaginative and creative.

Well here, take a look for yourself. Just a shout out to all straight women and gay men - before you put that $10 bill in his . . . "costume" . . .remember: Your dollars are going to fund Anglican terrorism.

Okay, I'll take my tongue out of the side of my cheek. You can click "play" now.


RFSJ said...


Thank you Elizabeth, very needed this morning! One wonders what you're doing perusing Chippendales videos, but be that as it may....


Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Oh, the sacrifices one makes in search of the Truth. Nothing but top-shelf reasearch and reporting here which must meet the high standards of reporting one gets from the other side of the aisle. Thankfully, it isn't difficult.

fr craig said...

I hate to be dense, but that surely isn't THE Matt Kennedy?? Episcopal priest??

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Fr. Craig, That's the trouble with talking with your tongue firmly implanted in the side of your cheek. It's sometimes hard to understand. No, that's NOT THE Matt Kennedy, the FORMER Episcopal Priest (he and the Mrs. resigned their orders and are now part of the Anglican Communion in Kenya or ACK!) - as the Chippendale dancer or the Hockey Player, the Bass Soloist or the Sufer Dude.

If it is, well, the ACK has certainly got one very talented clergy person in their ranks.

Suzer said...

RFSJ, I'm sure Rev. Kaeton's review of the video was simply in furtherance of her doctoral thesis, which she recently completed. You know, scholarly pursuit of knowledge and all. (In fact, I think she nicked it from another site!) ;)

FranIAm said...

Oh dear - he's got that other gig and he wants the church building and property.

He needs to simmer down!

WSJM said...

Elizabeth, that was very naughty!

Also very funny!

And huge congratulations on the successful defense of your dissertation!


Elizabeth Kaeton said...

You know, I get so weary of the Bullies calling +Gene a Cry Baby that I just had to have a little good natured fun. Some of those who read Hostilium think this is mean spirited. Mean spirited? Right. I guess one of the properties of Hostilium is that the vapors destroy brain cells and block the sense of humor.

Kirkepiscatoid said...

My, my. It would be much tougher for me to dislike "the" Matt Kennedy if he looked like that...but eventually the pheremones would wear off and I would get some shred of reason...