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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Caption Contest

Last night Ms. Conroy and I went to the Convent of St. John Baptist for the gala kick-off of their Capital Fund Drive to repair their Convent and St. Marguerite's Guest House (a former orphanage), both of which are in very bad need of repair. Their former Day School is now Day Top, a wonderful residential addictions rehab facility for adolescents.

The Sisters pulled out all the stops - and as many bishops as they could. The bishops of Newark, NJ, and NY were there, with regrets sent from the bishop of Bethlehem. Bishop Donovan, retired bishop of Arkansas and the bishop visitor of CSJB was also there, and always a delight to my heart.

Our Katharine also came and spoke to us about the need to "come apart for a while" as Jesus did and take a retreat. She was, as always, elegant.

I was able to introduce her to Ms. Conroy, and in less than ten seconds flat they both discovered that they were educated by the Mesdames of the Sacred Heart - Ms. Conroy at the convent school in Portsmouth, RI and Bishop Katharine at the convent school in Seattle, WA. (BTW - Caroline Kennedy attended the convent school on 92nd St. in Manhattan and actress-comedian Jane Curtain was Ms. Conroy's room mate one year).

They chuckled together about having had to 'dress for dinner' in Jonathan Meyer suits and white gloves, and followed the house rule, "If it moves, curtsey to it."

It was a delight to watch them together.

My friend Nina snapped this picture of Bishop Katharine and me, obviously engaged in a highly animated conversation. For the life of me, I have no idea what it was we were discussing, but obviously, we were having a grand time.

Okay, so let's have a wee bit of fun, shall we? The best caption wins three years off from your time in purgatory. Or, one of Ms. Conroy's old Jonathan Meyer suits from boarding school.

Your call.


Fran said...

No caption -just saying that it is a lovely photo and that you have a gorgeous smile. I see your heart shining right through this photo... what light!

Jeffri Harre said...

Patty cake
Patty cake
Bakers's man
Bake me a cake
as fast as you can.

Suzer said...

This nail polish sure is taking a long time to dry.


Remember not to raise your hands in the air any higher than this - we ARE Episcopalians, you know!

emmy said...

Well, jeffri stole my first one, but here are some others...

"They're making you do WHAT for your DMIN???"

"Honey, your red is totally clashing with my magenta-purple. Get away from me!"

"Did you see the way Jim Mollo's shirt in his profile pic clashes with the rest of his blog?"

(I don't know what's up with me and things clashing today...)

Bill said...

You messed up the words, it goes like this. Jump down, turn around to pick a bale of cotton Jump down, turn around to pick a bale a day.

fthrnick said...

Lol Kat and lol Kaet discuss the finer points of the theology of cheezburgers.

--Nick Szobota, Ellicott City, MD

doug said...

Damn that kiss was grrrRRReat!!

susankay said...

Aren't women much loved by God!

Kirkepiscatoid said...

"Kate, you and Ms. Conroy are going to have to do the secret school handshake, I'm just not getting it."