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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sexism Sells -- But We're Not Buying It

So we've got a woman as Speaker of the House, several women in the Supreme Court and a woman running as a candidate for the Democratic nomination as President of the United States.

In Episcopal Church, we've been ordaining women for over 30 years, there's a woman as Presiding Bishop, and a woman as President of the House of Deputies.

So, sexism is a thing of the past, right? Why do we need the Episcopal Women's Project to have The Angel Project?

There's no sexism in America. There's no sexism in The Episcopal Church.

Sure, and I've got a Bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.


Liz Zivanov+ said...

I've seen this once, but I cannot get into even the first 10 seconds of looking at it a second time. I get physically sick. Even sadder for me is that there are those who see absolutely nothing wrong with this or think it's funny.

I'd love to these same newscasters do their thing on black folks, and then watch the reactions.

Desert Kat said...

I know the problem exists- that it is systemic. That I battle it every day for having done nothing more then being born with an extra X in my genetics. That so many define my not for my head nor my heart, but by what lies between my legs.

But to have it so displayed, it makes me physically ill. That it is allowed to go on unabated in such a modern culture- that creates such anger and fear on the behalf of my future children.

PseudoPiskie said...

I can't watch this beyond the first few minutes. At least not before going to bed. Makes me both angry and sad. Some of those people think they are "Christians". A good reason why I'd rather be a follower of Jesus than that kind of "Christian". And discouraging for the other big issue. If people can't think of women as full humans, they will have an even harder time with LGBTs. We sure have a lot of work to do.

MadPriest said...

Cor! Look at the girders on that bridge!

Jim said...

A woman is currently second in order of succession to the presidency. That drives the neanderthals nuts. The idea that one might be president makes them even crazier.

So, instead of thinking about Sen. Clinton's ideas (which I am not all that supportive of by the way) or her potential to lead, we focus on her cleavage. Dear heaven this country's silly voting makes the saw that 'republics get the leadership they deserve' feel apt!


emmy said...

There is steam coming out of my ears! I'm so mad I just don't have words right now.

Bill said...

It’s all about fear. It’s about men feeling they are being emasculated. So they take the low road. They take the cheap shots and lay about with lame jokes. Even men who would otherwise be immune to all this find themselves backsliding into teenage humor where anything and everything pertaining to sex and sexuality is funny, regardless of who it hurts. Someone says something with a double entendre and then come the titters and finally guffaws.

Good men need to toe the line and tell their peers when something uttered is no longer acceptable. It just amazes me that certain people think that it’s ok to perpetuate this behavior across the mass media. It’s just not funny. We don’t accept jokes about the holocaust and we don’t accept jokes about pedophilia. Why is this any different.

In normal conversation jokes do slip out. It’s the nature of social discourse, but not in the media. These people are not stupid. They know the power in the printed and spoken word. They know exactly what they are saying and the effect it will have. These are blatant attempts to belittle and denigrate women in politics, religion, and business. To think otherwise is to be na├»ve in the extreme.