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Monday, October 01, 2007

. . . .and the Award for Best Freudian Slip Anywhere at Anytime by Anybody in the Entire World Wide Anglcian Communion goes to . . .

. . . .the Rev'd Randall Foster, Diocese of Ft. Worth.

This via Katie Sherrod's blog:
Desert's Child

"Bp. Jack Iker has written to his clergy about the House of Bishops Meeting -- or rather he is letting one of his young priests write to them.

And in what has to be one of the best Freudian slips in recent memory, this young man writes,

"Secondly, the House collectively pledged not to endorse any official, pubic rites for same-sex blessings [emphasis added], while clearly leaving a vast amount of room for the continued practice of "private, unofficial" SSBs as a form of "pastoral care" (which "private" same-sex blessings may, of course, be performed in a church in front of 500 people by a priest or bishop in full vestments using language that may sound uncannily like a formal liturgy, just so long as no official text of a rite has been approved in advance by the bishop!). There will clearly be no turning back by TEC."

Certainly reframes and enlivens the discussion about "private" vs. "pubic" rites.

What is it y'all say in the South? Oh, I remember!

"Why, bless his heart."

Read it all in the essay entitled,
"Those Pesky, Pubic Rites."

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