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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Jesus Saves - and Sells

On a completely different note . . .

The Grapes of Galilee is a new Israeli wine label, reportedly aimed at American Christians.

The grapes are grown in the region where Jesus Christ is said to have lived, and they are irrigated with water from the Jordan River, where he was baptized.

Deidre Woolard reports that, in fact, the Grapes of Galilee wine comes from an existing Israeli winery, only the Jesus-themed label is new. As Ad Age reports, the importer, Pini Haroz, sees the chardonnay, merlot and cabernet sauvignon wines as being perfect for holidays and he is marketing it in areas with high concentrations of Catholics.

The wine sells for
$13.99 a bottle online.

I think I may have to buy a bottle of each for the next Altar Guild brunch.

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Dennis said...

perhaps we should bring some for the OCICBW... gathering in a little over a week!

(looking forward to seeing you there. this should be quite a fun night.)