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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DO NOT buy Milo's Kitchen Chicken Jerky

You've heard the expression "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned".

Prepare for a fiery blast.

First up, you need to know that when someone - anyone - hurts someone or something I love, I go into "Mama Bear" mode. I'm instinctively protective.

When someone - anyone - treats me with platitudes about the harm done....well...see "hell" and "fury" and "woman scorned" above.

It started off with my wanting to do something 'special' for my wonderful dog, Theo. A neighbor had made some chicken and beef jerky for her dog in her own kitchen and gave a piece of chicken jerky to Theo. He loved it. LOVED. It. Gobbled it down in the small pieces I had broken off to give him.

So, the next time I was at the market, I bought some for him. Not just any brand. The top shelf stuff. Milo's Kitchen "home style" brand. He has eaten their beef jerky without difficulty. So, I thought, well, why not try the chicken jerky?

I admit. I didn't look at the label. I knew it was made by Del Monte - a trusted name in vegetables and other canned goods, some under the "Contadina" label. Indeed, they also make "9-Lives" Cat Food, "Meow Mix", "Gravy Train" dog food as well as "Nature Recipe".

I didn't notice that the package of chicken jerky said that it was "Made in China".

Apparently, the chicken jerky is the only one of the dog treats made by Del Monte which is actually made in China.

I fed him a small piece in the late morning and another small piece in the late afternoon. I still had half of a piece left for the next day - as well as the entire rest of the package.

The next morning, Theo became violently ill. Retching. Diarrhea. Lethargic. No appetite. Didn't even want to drink water. He was one sick pup.

When I called the Vet, the first thing she asked was if there had been anything I had fed him that was different. Yes, I said. I gave him some chicken jerky. Milo's Kitchen, I added, so she would know I was giving my dog The Best.

Oh, no, she said. Milo's Kitchen chicken jerky is made in China. There are lots of problems with chicken jerky made in China. The FDA is looking into it.

She told me to give him some rice - only rice - and some plain, nonfat yogurt, plenty of water and nothing else. Just watch him closely and bring him in if his symptoms get worse.

It's taken three days but, thanks be to God, Theo has completely recovered. I have been sick with worry and concern. And, guilt. I mean, I fed it to him. He got sick because of something I did.

Well, not me, but because I trusted a name brand. Got suckered into the "home-style" marketing ploy. Yeah, well, I'm smart enough to know that "home-style" still means "made in a factory". I thought "home" meant, here. In the USA. Where the FDA watches over quality control.

I did some research and discovered that, indeed, the FDA has, in fact, issued a "Preliminary Animal Health Notification".
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to caution consumers of a potential association between the development of illness in dogs and the consumption of chicken jerky products also described as chicken tenders, strips or treats. FDA continues to receive complaints of dogs experiencing illness that their owners or veterinarians associate with consumption of chicken jerky products. The chicken jerky products are imported to the U.S. from China. FDA issued a cautionary warning to consumers in September 2007.
2007! Why didn't I know this? How could I have been so careless? With Mr. Wonderful, for God's sake?!! The FDA report continues:
Australian news organizations report the University of Sydney is also investigating an association between illness in dogs and the consumption of chicken jerky in Australia. At least one firm in Australia has recalled their chicken jerky product and the recall notification stated the chicken jerky product was manufactured in China.
China. You know. The place where lots of recalls on food, autos, drugs, toys and other products are now notorious.

Please note: This is not a slam on China. This is a slam on companies who continue to do business with China without insisting that they meet standards in this country - especially when the tests are inconclusive but the anecdotal evidence is an overwhelming indicator that something is terribly wrong.

Putting profits over pets is just wrong - in any place in the world. Honest to Pete, this is enough to make me join an organization like PETA

So, I went to the market and spoke with a lovely gentleman named Charlie at the Service Desk. I had the opened package of Milo's chicken jerky with me. I told him that I didn't want reimbursement. That I took full responsibility for my purchase. I told him what had happened and only ask that the manager consider removing the product from the store shelves. I didn't want any one else to make the same mistake I had made and cause another pet to become ill.

Charlie listened carefully and assured me that he would discuss the problem with the manager, but couldn't promise me that anything would happen as a result. I said I understood. I told him that I was simply making a request. I gave him the package of Milo's chicken jerky along with a print out of the FDA warning, thanked him, and started to leave.

He said, Wait, I'll give you your money back. Oh, I said, you don't need to do that. Yes I do, he said quietly as he scanned the package and gave me my money back.

I came home and then wrote a very polite note to the folks at Del Monte, citing the FDA warning and asking them to please stop procuring chicken jerky from China.

I got a note in reply from them yesterday.

THAT'S when I got angry.

Here's what it says, in part:
To date, the FDA, American Veterinarian Medical Association (AVMA) and several animal health diagnostic laboratories in the U.S. have not been able to identify any definitive cause or connection between the illness and treats. The FDA also reports that extensive testing of chicken jerky treats has been conducted, but no contaminant has been found.
No definitive cause or connection. No contaminant has been found.

Move along. Nothing to see here. Move along.

You can bet that if this had happened to a small child, there would be outrage expressed and instant action. But, hey, it's a dog. Only a dog. And, the evidence is not conclusive. Except, that the anecdotal evidence is overwhelming.

Here's what really pulled my last, poor, tired nerve:
In their notice, the FDA advises consumers that chicken jerky products should not be substituted for a balanced diet and are intended to be fed occasionally in small quantities. On Milo's Kitchen products, we've placed feeding guidelines, based on your dog’s weight, for each product on the package, and advise against exceeding these amounts.
See, it's MY fault. I'm apparently not giving my dog a "balanced diet". I didn't read the "feeding guidelines" and "exceeded the amounts".

Except, in my letter, I specifically noted that I had given one quarter of the treat, twice in one day - well BELOW the "feeding guidelines" on the back of their damn package.

Hell's fury, meet that of a woman scorned.

The bad news is that apparently Del Monte is going to continue to put profits before pets and get their chicken jerky from China.

The good news is that, when I visited my local market yesterday, all the Milo's chicken jerky products were off the shelf. I checked all the packages of all the different brands of jerky and treats that were still on the shelf. None of them said "Made in China". All of them said, "Made in USA".

I swung by the Service Desk and saw Charlie. He immediately grinned when he saw me. Thank you, I said. No problem, he said. 

My vet has said that she now has a sign up in her office that warns people not to feed their pets anything that says "Made in China". It also asks people to boycott ALL Milo's Kitchen products in particular and Del Monte products in general until they stop procuring their chicken jerky from China.

She also said that she was working with the Veterinarian's Association to bring the boycott to a national level.

So, I'm appealing to you, dear blog friends, to help me in this.

First of all, please do learn from my mistake. Do not feed your beloved pet anything made in China. Especially Milo's Kitchen chicken jerky.

Please join me in boycotting Del Monte products in general and Milo's Kitchen products in particular. Let your grocer know what you're doing. Ask him/her to remove these products from their shelves.

And, of your mercy and kindness, please do call or write Del Monte and ask them to please stop procuring chicken jerky from China.

You can call their toll-free number, 877-228-6493 M-F, 9-5 Eastern Time.

Or, write to them on their website and leave them a message.

Tell them to please put our pets before their profits and stop the procurement of chicken jerky from China.

I thank you. Mr. Theo the Wonderful dog thanks you.

And now, I'm off to get some recipes for making my own chicken and beef jerky. Home-style - for real. Which I will feed to Mr. Theo in small amounts. As a treat. Not as a replacement for his regular balanced diet.  Because I am a responsible parent of a wonderful dog.

And - most dangerous of all in the market place - an educated consumer who is also an activist.

I'm also a woman scorned. Don't mess with me. Or my dog.

Those of you who know me understand that you don't need the FDA to warn you how dangerous that might be.


Ann said...

You can start a petition - there are several sites that can help you. Like a CREDO petition. I will share this with all near and far. Thanks

parodie said...

What a horrible experience! I am so sorry Theo was sick,and I am grateful he has recovered.

I am appalled by Del Monte's reaction. Horrific.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the PSA. I also strongly recommend saying NO NO NO to Greenies pet treats, as many pets have ended up with blocked intestines thanks to those treats. Some pets have died as a result. And naturally, the company refuses to even consider investigating whether something is amiss with their treat.

I never feed Gus-Gus these treats. I'd rather give him a small sliver of chicken breast from my own chicken. I know what went into that.

JimB said...

I will post a link to this on my little blog, and yes I am on board with a boycott, of all the corporate offerings.


Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Ann - Thanks. I was thinking of starting one on Face Book but maybe I'll check out CREDO as well. This is absolutely unacceptable.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Parodie - Their reaction was NOT what I expected from anyone who claims they make anything "home-style". I grew up on Del Monte products. I expect better than this.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Tracie - I've never done anything like this before and I wasn't planning on doing it until I got the letter from Del Monte. I felt insulted. I didn't know about Greenies pet treats. Don't think I've seen them in the market. But, thanks to your heads up, I most certainly won't be buying them. Or, anything that comes from China. I've got a recipe for Chicken and Beef jerky. I'll be making my own from now on.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Thanks, Jim. I won't be buying ANYTHING from Del Monte until they fix this situation with Milo's chicken jerky.

TriPom Chews said...

I just worked a craft show over Thanksgiving weekend. I had flyers about the recent 2011 FDA warning about Chinese chicken treats and was giving them out and educating anyone I could stop who answered "yes" to the question, "do you have a dog or cat?"

A groomer I spoke with that weekend told me that she had a client whose dog just passed away from Chinese chicken. My dogs are my children, truly. I can only imagine how devastating that was for that family...

If you’re looking for a REAL 'American Made' chicken treat, we started making our own Chicken Jerky after we ran across the FDA warning of 2008 about Chinese chicken treats making dogs sick or killing them. It turned into a cottage business and we now sell our TriPom Chews in 20 stores in the New England area. Our products are the only 'Maine Made', 'American Made', chicken jerky produced from whole, restaurant-quality chicken breasts containing NO Additives and NO Preservatives. We had to make them super wholesome as our 3 Pomeranians (our babies) taste test every batch for quality.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

I normally don't allow advertizing on my blog but I'm going to allow this one. I just made a batch myself. Actually, they taste pretty good. I think anyone can do it. And, should, if they can. If they can't, they ought to buy from local folks like you. Anywhere but China - until they fix the problem.

Will J said...

Add my voice to those thanking you for the PSA.

This also brings to mind the question, if the Del Monte Corporation is this callous about the risk to lives of companion animals, would they consider human lives any differently? If they are willing to cut corners by using unmonitored offshore production and try to use PR to finesse a legitimate issue, what assurance do any of us have that they would not try the same approach to their other product lines for human consumption?

TriPom Chews said...

First, thank you for allowing the post.

Second, I stun people when I pick up my treats at events and pop them in my mouth. Our treats, like the ones you made, are just dehydrated chicken. Of course, I prefer making them for our furry friends instead of humans!

Lindy said...

Ia it the chicken or the way they process it? I need to know.

PS - There were several small businesses in Austin which made human grade treats for dogs. Some were so tasty that Rowan and I would share one! Check it out on the internet and see what you can find. I'm sure they ship.

I think Theo is a sweet little dog and I am sorry he had to go through this, but he's lucky to have had you and your quick thinking. He probably loves you even more now.

it's margaret said...

Oh Mr. Theo! Poor dearie --I will boycott Del Monte products and all food stuffs from China. That's just awful.

We get Mr. Witty's treats from a local dog bakery that cooks with foods that meet human consumption standards. Maybe I'll try cooking some treats for him, in Theo's honor.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Will J - I wrote to the Del Monte people and included a link to this blog. I sure hope they are reading the comments here. If the FDA can't regulate them, maybe consumers can.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Lindy - No one is sure if it's the way it's processed or the chicken or the "flavoring". I think they should just stop buying chicken jerky from China until they figure this out.

At this point, I'm going to make my own at home from now on. It's really not that difficult and we can both eat it. Win-win.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Thanks, Margaret. Theo says, "WOOF!"

JCF said...


wv, "micie". If Mr Theo were to catch (an All-American!) one of those, that might make a good treat too. ;-p

RENZ said...

Ah, go ahead slam China...I won't touch anything food related from that country. My heart goes out to the people of that country who consume Chinese products all the time.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Renz - I think the Chinese are probably paid Very Well to cut corners there that they can't here. No one's hands are clean.

Anonymous said...

Prayers ascending for Theo. Activia may help his system recover. It has probiotics in it. I put a spoonful on my dog's food.

I heard about the problem a couple of weeks ago. I now make sure all dog treats, food, and toys for dogs and children are made in the good old U.S. A.


Elizabeth Kaeton said...

JCF - Maybe that's what I'll start calling my home made treats. Micie.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Maria - Well, I just gave him regular old plain nonfat yogurt. He licks it off the spoon like it was beef or turkey juice.

DallasLEMminister said...

Thanks for the website AND phone number .... will do both

David and John said...

I will be checking the label on everything I buy for our dogs and cats from now on. We order their main food direct from the factory (our vet said most anything you can buy in the supermarket is sub-standard), but we have often purchased "treats" there.

No more "Del Monte" anything for us, human or dog food! If they care this little about pet food, I can't imagine they are much better with human food.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Dallas - Thanks for calling. I hope they take some action.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

D&J - Actually, this incident has probably increased my time in the supermarket over all because now I'm going to be reading ALL labels.

MarkBrunson said...

I'm so sorry, Elizabeth! I'm glad Theo is doing better.

Prayers, naturally.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Mark - Thanks for your prayers. Theo seems to have made a full recovery, thanks be to God. He's a great pup. It broke my heart to see him so ill. It gladdens my heart that he's well and seems to have no ill effects.

Lindy said...

My little dog had some in his pantry. THANK YOU for posting this. THANK YOU a million times. I can't tell you how much I THANK YOU!!! And so does Rowan.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Lindy - I now have a petition. You can sign the petition on this blog page - just look to the upper right corner, under my picture. Click on and sign. Send Del Monte a message. That's the only way we're going to get them to take any action. The FDA can't until they can find the contaminate. As consumers, we have a lot more power than the FDA. Thanks to everyone who signs.

Anonymous said...

I wish I would of read this yesterday! I just lost my one year old Shih tzu "spiker doodle" this morning. I gave him Milos Chicken Jerky lastnight and during the night he became very I'll, vomitting non stop and then vomitting blood. We have no emergency vets in our area and the liitle guy couldn't hold on til the vets opened. I feel like I lost a child and it's my fault for not researching Milos first. I am so heart broken.....I just lost my best friend.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Anonymous - I don't usually print these but you have a very painful truth to tell. I'm so very sorry.

Please, please, please: click on the link to the FDA page in this essay. At the very bottom are some links to the FDA Dept. of Veterinary Medicine and one for your state complaint dept. Please call them and make a formal complaint.

Save the package of Milo's Chicken Jerky treats. Get the lot number off the package and have it ready when you make your complaint.

Then, take that package and go to the store where you purchased those deadly treats. Also take a copy of the FDA statement and this blog. Ask the store for a reimbursement and ask them to please remove these items from their shelves.

Ask your vet to also file a complaint with the FDA. Ask if an autopsy might be done. You may need it for the FDA.

Finally, call and write Del Monte and tell them what happened. Sign my petition.

It won't bring back your beloved "Spiker Doodle" but you'll be making the world a bit safer for other pups.

Please know that you'll be in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

They sell these (Milo's) at Wal Mart! Somebody needs to raise a ruckus with those people!

TriPom Chews said...

There is a NEW (December 28, 2011) article on MSNBC which reports that the FDA is now saying that 353 dogs have gotten sick or died from eating Chinese chicken treats this year. The link is:

Personally, I think the number of dogs sick this year is well over one thousand from the number of websites I've visited where I have seen dogs that are ill or that have died being discussed. I am almost certain it is something the Chinese are feeding the poultry used for their treats.

Did you know, according to Wikipedia and a New York Times article, that the Chinese fed Melamine to livestock? Melamine, as you may know, was the non-listed ingredient responsible for the pet food recall a few years ago. If you haven't, you should search for "Melamine" on Wikipedia and read the article.

Melamine is a principal ingredient in making Formica countertops and causes kidney failure if eaten. The Chinese were also caught putting Melamine into kids' milk and infant formula.

The only truly safe treat is one that you make yourself or that you buy from a company you trust. We make and sell our own chicken jerky, TriPom Chews, and only buy from other "Mom & Pop" sized treat makers that we have met or spoke with.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

When I spoke with the woman at the DE FDA Complaint office, she told me about the Melamine scandal. Apparently, some of our babies got sick from it so the FDA put a stop to any infant formula from China. However, there is no such regulation in China. That makes ME sick.

Just the other night, I saw a commercial for Milo's Kitchen dog treats and the woman was holding up a bag of the Chicken Jerky treats and feeding it to her "brainiac" dog. I threw my pencil at the TV set, I was so angry!!!!

These people are unbelievable! It was as if they were thumbing their noses at those of us who have complained.

I have stopped giving my Theo any processed dog food. He's only ever had Iams, but after the puppy dog food recall, I am not taking any chances. So, I fix up some rice and chicken and veggies for him every couple of days and feed him that. I have also gotten a few recipes for home made dog treats - one with shredded apple - which he just loves.

Well, the dog food industry has lost one customer. I hope they lose more, but I can only do what I can do.It just is so infuriating.

Lillaila said...

I don't know what lucky forces sent me to this blog right now, but I am not lying when I tell you that I am sitting here with an unopened package of Milo's Chicken Jerky Strips. And it is only from dumb luck that they have not been given to my precious pup because I forgot I had them. In the trash they will go, and I will become a label reader for my baby's treats from now on. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Lillaila - I'm so glad you stopped by and got this message. And, relieved - for you and your pet.

Now, please don't toss that Milo's chicken jerky "treats" into the trash can. Bring it back to the place you bought them, together with a copy of this blog and the FDA warning page, and ask for (1) a refund and (2) that they take this product - and any dog food/treat made in China - off their shelves.

Please also sign my petition on the front of my blog as well as this one: to ban all chicken jerky treats from China.

Ask your Vet to post a sign in the office to get the word out to more people.

We can make a difference.

Anonymous said...

hello- there are also problems with the waggin train treats, the bag says an american company but the fine print by the bar code says made in china. if you go to the waggin train site there are alot of people that are also trying to get those treats boycotted too. My little Doxie sissy had her own scare with waggin train. but sadly i didnt think and threw the bag away. so there is no proof. good luck and thank you. i signed.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

I hope Sissy made a full recovery as did my Theo. I just got an email from telling me that Milo's Kitchen Chicken Jerky treats are on sale. I immediately wrote them to ask them not to sell the stuff.

I have decided to call the local television stations to do a story on this. Consumers should become more aware.

Fred said...

We just lost our loving "Abby" who lost her life due to Milos Chicken Treats on Nov. 26, 2011. Our Vet stands behind us!!! Please don't buy any Pet products from China!!!

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

I'm so very sorry for your loss. My Theo became very ill but has made a full recovery. I simply don't know what else to do but to continue to put pressure on Del Monte and to try and bring about as much awareness as I can.

I went back to the market the other day - the one that had removed Milo's Chicken Jerky made in China - and discovered it back on the shelves. I stood right there, took out my pen and a piece of paper, and wrote a sign that said, "Do Not By Dog Treats made in China. Do Not buy Milo's Kitchen Chicken Jerky. Your dog may become ill and/or die."

I went back to the market today - two days later. My sign was still there.

I have hope.

Anonymous said...

Heads-up - Looks like it's not just the one brand...,0,6681724.story


Elizabeth Kaeton said...

I did see that.

My first thought was "How many dogs will have to die before the FDA does something to stop it?"

My second thought was "How many dogs will have to die before consumers begin a boycott that will get the message and the effect the FDA seems unable to get out and achieve?"

Unknown said...

same thing happened to our dog venus! But she died from Milos kitchen chicken jerky treats!
Please add our group!

Animal Parents against pet treats made in china!!/groups/342467355771185/

we have a petition going on that website!

Dennis954 said...

I just had a VERY sick yorkie from ( I assume) the same Made in China Milo's Kitchen Chicken Jerky,, Thank you for the blog here otherwise i may not have even known it was made in China as its the the last few tiny words they print on the back of the bag,, this stuff is going in the garbage where it belongs.


Anonymous said...

Don't blame the company, its your own fault for not reading the packaging thoroughly. However, I must also add that dogs are just like people - no two are the same. Just because one has a bad reaction to something doesn't mean that every dog will. This is the first bad experience I've heard of regarding "Milo's Kitchen" treats. Lastly, I don't think that Del Monte cares if you don't purchase their products as there are millions that will continue to do so. You mean absolutely nothing to them.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

"Anonymous" - I allowed your comment only so I could respond to it.

I'll bet you blame rape victims, too.

If the consumer isn't aware of the problem, how can s/he be blamed for it? Unfortunately, sometimes this information doesn't get out to the general public until after the fact. To wit: read all the comments here.

We trust the Federal Government to make sure that food and medication are safe for consumption. In talking with the folks at FDA, the problem seems to be that they have a large body of anecdotal evidence but no concrete scientific evidence.

Which is why I'm spreading this information on my blog.Consumer boycotts ARE effective. Your heartless reply here is evidence of that. You wouldn't make that claim unless something in you told you that it was true.

Next time, use your real name, lest we all take you for the coward you seem to be.

Mary Jo Hendershot said...

Elizabeth, I wanted to sign the petition; but it wouldn't let me access the text of the petition to verify what I was petitioning!
Thank you for your warning. I scrupulously examine labels for my babies' treats and won't buy anything made in China.
This goes for our human family food, too. It's amazing how much prepared frozen food--like fish--sold in the US is from China.

Debbie Mahder said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the dogs that have died and relieved to hear most have made a recovery. I would also add lamb and beef lung puffs to the avoid list.

On 10/26/11, we bought some lamb lung puffs for our dogs. Made in USA. I had never fed them before but the dogs loved them and we gave them a few a day.

On 11/01/11, Onyx, my almost 17-year-old who was healthy other than arthritis, was detected to have a heart arrhythmia, took to our vet, and she collapsed while we were there. The vet didn’t know why it was happening and suggested we see a cardiologist, which we couldn’t see till the following week. In hindsight I wish I had taken her immediately to the emergency vet that night!

At the time our vet's best guess was was due to her age, and I was thinking it had something to do with the Meloxicam she was on for her arthritis. It never occurred to me that it could be the lung puffs, and I’m not saying it was, but there is something about them that is NOT good.

We never made it to the cardiologist. On 11/05/11, my husband was out running errands and, unbeknownst to me, he picked up some more lamb lung puffs, came home and gave the girls one. Fifteen minutes later, Onyx came to me panting and with a look on her face that something was wrong. I stood up, she turned and started to walk away so I followed her. She collapsed, seized and howled (horrible!), came to, then seized again. She came to again and we got her in the car, the whole time her heart beating out of her chest, 5 minutes later as we pulled into the emergency vet’s parking lot, she died in my arms. It was horrible!

I didn’t know my husband had given the lamb lung at that point.

Fast forward to Christmas. I got our remaining dog, Daisy, some treats for Christmas presents. These were beef lung puffs. Again, loved ‘em. After 3 days of giving her a few a day, she had a seizure and ended up in the emergency vet. She'd never had a seizure before. They ran every test imaginable on her and could find nothing wrong so the vet said it’s either a brain tumor or a toxin exposure. Even though she is healthy and energetic, she is going on 16 years old, so it’s possible she has some sort of tumor of the brain, but when the vet said “toxin”, my husband mentioned that he had given lung puffs right before Onyx died and now our other dog is having seizures too after eating them for 3 days? Something’s not right!

Two weeks ago, we were at the pet store with Daisy and the next day she became very ill. She couldn’t keep anything down, she wouldn’t eat (very unusual), and was very lethargic. She was not improving, off the the vet. No straight answer because everything checked out fine, no fever, no infection, nothing on blood work. She had to get an injection just to stop the vomiting. It took her several days to bounce back from it. In hindsight, we realize the pet store worker gave her some treats while we were shopping and chatting. We didn’t even think anything of it at the time as this is a holistic pet store, but the next time we were in there we asked about it and they said it is possible they gave her lung puffs because they sell them in the store.

Something is not right with these lung puffs. The lamb and the beef were both made in USA but 2 completely different brands, so I don’t know what the connection is if there is one, or if there is any similarity to the Chinese chicken jerky, but I definitely would avoid any kind of puff also!

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for this info. A few months when I heard about this chicken trips from China killing dogs. I have stopped buying anything made in China. I now make my own treats.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the info...I can tell you it's still not well known. I just saw this today while trying to find something to help me with excessive shedding for my 10 month old yellow lab. I bought Milo's Kitchen Chicken Jerky for all the same reasons as I've read from others...thought I was doing something good for her. I did look at where it was made, but I saw USA and missed the Made in China. Thank the Lord, she did not get sick. I just now took them out of the pantry and threw them away. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

Just visite Del Monte website and voiced complaint. Will boycott their products. Thanks for sharing this information.

Anonymous said...

In the article/blog, you mention you make your own dog treats/jerky as a result. Do you use a dehydrator, or another method? I'd like to start doing this but am unsure the best way to do it? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

First of all, to all of you who have lost pets, I send my condolences. For those of you whose four-legged friends have become ill on Chicken Jerkey from China, please know that your stories have touched my heart. I'm glad my post is helpful.

There are lots of places on the internet where you can find recipes for home made treats for your pets, none of which call for a dehydrator.

You can find some, for example, here: Theo is especially found of anything with peanut butter and/or apple.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. You just saved my puppy from this horrible product. He has been feeling sick the past week but, I wasn't sure what was happening. He is usually so active and now he just sleeps...occasional throws up. I thought he ate paper or a sock. He has done that in the past. I watching him like a hack because he is so active, like a baby. Anyways, after reading your article I realized that I been feeding him this horrible treats and are making him sick :( I'm so mad at this poor quality chinese products.

Thank you for your info!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god I just fed these strips to our two dogs after purchasing this morning.We love our dogs and they love us more than other humans ever have.I cant believe that the advertising on tv can also promote products that are unsafe for our beloved furry freinds.Thanks for the info they have just lost another customer!

TriPom Chews said...

An FDA document leaked this week from a confidential source within the US Congress details the chronological timeline of tests that the agency has performed on chicken jerky treats since 2007 – tests which many pet owners say have ignored some of the most potentially lethal substances possibly responsible for the rash of pet illnesses and deaths.

Read the report at:

Anonymous said...

I never buy ready-made treats, too risky. It is actually less expensive and healthier for my dog to buy a thick slab of roast beef at the deli and then cut into treat sized chunks. Refrigerated they keep for a long, long time.

Bill said...

I stumbled on your blog by mistake...I had just watched the Milo Kitchen Chicken Jerky commercial and knew nothing about their lack of quality reason for my inquiry was the actress referred to her dog as a Collie...I have had full blooded Collies all my life and the dog in the commercial is not a Collie...As with most of you my dogs are my children and as such get the best of everything. Thankfully from reading all the comments Milos and Del Monte will not be on either of our plates. Thanks again Bill & Casey (the Collie)

Vicki O said...

My dogs love Milo's Kitchen Chicken Jerky, which I no longer in good conscience feed them. Is there any brand chicken jerky made in the US?

Chris said...

I wish I had read this before my dogs became super sick from eating this garbage. I can tell you this much, I will not be buying any Del Monte products going forward. I've never seen my dogs get so sick in my life. I blame myself for not doing my due diligence like I always do before purchasing a product for my dogs. I got blindsided by a greedy corporation and I can promise you this, it will not happen again.

Glad to hear your dog is doing better.

Hope King said...

I swear the Milo's Kitchen Chicken Jerky Treats killed my 9 year old lab. Long story short, he became very sick for a few months and the Vet couldnt figure it out. He kept asking me are you sure he didn't get into something? Like did he eat ALOT of something toxic like onions? Then finally his organs failed and he crossed the Rainbow Bridge Sept 19, 2011. The treats were the only thing different in his life. I bought a package and he loved them so I bought them regularly. He ate premium food, no table food, no fattening treats. I thought these were natural. I am so sick over this. I have so much GUILT right now I am devastated.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

First of all, let me just send my condolences to those of you who have lost your beloved pets because you unknowingly fed them Chicken Jerky Treats made in China. I know nothing will bring your beloved pet back to you, but there are things you can do to honor the memory of your pet and make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else's pet.

First - call, write and/or email the FDA. Start with your state office. They WILL return your call. They WILL take all the information. They need the anecdotal evidence.

Second - write Del Monte. Tell them you will boycott ALL their products unless they stop selling Chicken Jerky made in China.

Third - sign the petition on my blog. Another way to let Del Monte know that consumers have power.

Fourth - write your local newspaper and let your neighbors know about this. Spread the word. See also: consumers have power.

Fifth - CHECK THE LABEL ON THE PACKAGE BEFORE YOU BUY. If it says, "Made in China", do not buy it. In fact, take the package to the store manager and ask that the product be removed from the shelves. Tell them you will boycott ALL Del Monte products until they do. See also: consumers have power.

SIXTH - If you are going to give your pup some treats, make your own. It's really easy and they keep quite well.

Again, my condolences to all who have lost pets and my sympathies to all of you who have pets who have gotten ill.

Take action. Turn your grief and anger into something positive. Consumers have power.

Anonymous said...

We fed our dog Myrtle Milo's Chicken meatballs and she developed all the same sympton's, Diaerria, Lehtargic, Drank Lots of Water until she completely shut down and we had to put her down. I saw the warning on the news this morning and began researching and came upon this page. Our broken hearts turned to outrage upon hearing about Milo's Kitchen chicken products. The fact that this product remains on the shelves is criminal.

Michele said...

My dog ate (past tense) Milos Chicken Jerky as her only treat. Not anymore. She was hospitalized after a bout of diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, and loss of appetite. We got her healthy and she is alive and well. No more chinese jerky. In fact, I no longer trust any commercially prepared food. I am making her own dog food after studying nutritional requirements. Not too difficult. My dog is too important to me to not be as sure as possible about what I put in her body. I will boycott DelMonte.

Anonymous said...

My beautiful dalmatian mix died November 19, 2011. I contacted Del Monte October 2011 regarding the treats. I felt something was wrong with them. She became very ill after eating and loving these treats. I feel they slowly poisoned her. We are still devastated over losing her. I continue to contact this company and they continue to push the blame on me and other consumers. Disgusting. I saw a news story on March 13, 2012 updating treats and Milo's was added to the list. Again, I contacted the company. Again, they blame me.

Anonymous said...

My dog ate the jerky and threw it up within 20 minutes. It was not good!

michael Talbot said...

Elizabeth, I thought I've already left a comment here...but it didn't show up?

Thank you for your work. I've researched some more information and I've found tht Pfizer Corp. has been making 3Nitro(Roxarsone)which is a food additive for chickens that contains a small amount of arsenic. They've been making it since 1944 and they never thought that the chickens would metabolize the arsenic. It's only been recently that the FDA did tests with chickens taking 3Nitro and other group that didn't. Anyway, the group taking 3 nitro had arsenic in their bodies. The arsenic is being passed on through the food chain.

The FDA has convinced Pfizer Corp. last year to stop making 3Nitro. They're both afraid.

A chinese company is suing Pfizer for stop making the 3Nitro. I believe that Pfizer is now just selling it outside our country.

There is no regulations in China and testing a chicken strip is just one breast of a single chicken. Each chicken might have a higher level of arsenic than another. Maybe the treats not eaten are lower since the dogs already ate an entire piece that may be higher in arsenic levels.

We spent $9800 trying to save our Guss. If you don't think that you would spend that much money let me tell you how it goes. It was a slow death because they would bring him back and he would stabilize and then he'd go down hill again and finally there was no hope. We always asked the hospital if he was in pain and they said no but I now question that.

For the unconditional love of this great dog; I'm making it my mission to get these chinese treats off the market.

I presented a good case to Milo's Chicken company that the treats killed our dog. They said that there was no indication that the treats killed our dog. The did offer me "$100.00" to not sue them.

If they weren't guilty, why would they offer me a settlement?

Please continue to press on everyone.

Mike Talbot

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Mike - I apologize if your previous note was not posted. I checked my spam filter and it was not there. I apologize.

I'm so sorry for the loss of your Guss. I agree that if the folks at Del Monte - makers of Milo's Chicken Jerky Treats - offered you $100, that implicates them. I hope you have that offer in writing. Something is very fishy here.

If his death continues to inspire you to uncover the cause of what's making pups ill and killing them, then his loss will not have been in vain.

Thank you for all the work you are doing. You will not be able to bring Guss back, but you may save many, many other pets from being seriously ill or dying a painful death. God bless you. Keep us posted

JW said...

I have a 15 month old Springer Spaniel (named Milo coincidentally) who I've been feeding Milo's Kitchen chicken jerky to for nearly his whole life. Reading all of your experiences nearly has me tears. My wife and I adore this dog like a child and the thought that we could have been poisoning him with these treats (which he loves) is a little overwhelming at the moment.

I thought we were being very conscious of what we feed him and I often joke that he eats better than I do. We feed him top quality food with lamb as the main ingredient and I always thought we were doing the right thing by feeding him these "natural" chicken treats. What a shock this has been.

I can say that our dog has never shown any symptoms of being ill after eating these treats but the shear number of complaints on this board alone are enough to tell me that a real risk exists. Shame on Del Monte. I will never purchase another product made by them again.

I will be returning the last bag of treats I have to the grocer we purchased them from and I will do what I can to convince them not to carry this product. Thank you Elizabeth for starting this blog, my thoughts are with all of you who lost your precious companion.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

JW - I'm glad your Milo has not gotten sick but I'm relieved that you've decided not to press your luck. The anecdotal evidence is overwhelming. I have spoken twice to my local FDA representatives and both urged me not to buy Chicken Jerky treats made in China. They can say this quietly and to people who call them but, until they have more than anecdotal evidence, they really can't do anything officially.

In addition to the folks at your local grocery store, do also speak to your Vet about putting a sign up in the waiting room and having literature available. An educated consumer means healthier pets.

Let's hope we can put an end to this soon.

Anonymous said...

Thank you soooo much. I too trusted Milo's and DelJunkei formerly known as DelMonte. I called and voiced my concernd. They stated if chicken was purchased in USA the treats would triple in cost. I said who cares, a dog at the vet for 2 days on IV fluids is inhumane to the dog and the vet bill far outways the extra cost of a SAFE treat for your family member! Do I trust DelJunkie at all now.....NO. Not for my pets nor myself
They reinerated that there was no clad proof and that people often feed more than the lable suggests. I have over eaten chicken and not been hospitalized, how about you out there? Thier justification and excusses make me ill! My one dog has pancreatitis and I was looking for a low fat treat. Had I not read this blog and he got ill, I may have contributed it to the pancreatitis and not taken him to the vet right away and he may have died because I did not know....fury it would have been.
Well I have a food dehydrator and will make my own, gladley! Thankfully, Ann Patchess Sandnan Cloe and Peabody. (Ann is the human) lol

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Hi Ann - I am so grateful for your call to Del Monte. I am convinced that they will stop producing Chicken Jerky treats in China only after lots and lots of consumer pressure.

God bless you and all the members of your four-legged family.

Carol said...

I am also grateful to just learn of the depth and the serverity of this situation. I have saved a dogs life and I have lost a dog to cancer. The pain goes deep.

Thank-you all for the post as I have also shared links and signed the pitition.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Thanks for signing the petition, Carol. Let's keep the pressure ON!!

Anonymous said...

I have signed your petition and posted to my facebook wall. Thank you for taking this action. I recently threw out a whole bag of chicken jerky treats made in China. Thankfully, I read warnings before I fed them to my pets. I would like to recommend a good group on facebook that keeps up with all the current recalls and problems with dog and cat foods. It's
I also would like to warn pet owners about Natural Balance dog food - duck and potato. I lost my beloved Westie after feeding (what I believe was)
a bad lot of this product. Consumers must be aware.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Thank you for signing the petition and thanks for the tips on the other products and the Facebook page.

I'm constantly amazed by the numbers of people who find this blog but sad that most find it after their dogs get sick or have been poisoned to death.

I believe this really makes a difference.

Suz Webster R.Sc.P. said...

my 13 yr old dog was fine in the morning and by that night, he was not himself. no energy, I found him the next morning burried under a bunch of leaves in the backyard. he didn't respond when I called him, I ran over and his little body was so lifeless. I rushed him to the local vet and after $1000 spent, packed him in the car and drove 6 hours to my sister in law, who is a holestic vet. She asked if I had fed him anything different. the only thing was Milo's Kitchens Chicken Treat. He's had only 3 within as many days. His liver functions are off the charts, we are still trying to save him as I write this. Dr Jyl gave me the following info and you bet I will be reporting this. "how to report a problem with pet food" page LongLink @ I can not beleave that the companies have not done a recall or the FDA hasn't issued on. Makes me wonder what is in any human foods that come from China - I for one am reading every label! And I pray by beloved Carter makes it through this ordeal

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

OH, Suz, I am so sorry. I pray Carter makes it through. You know, when anecdotal evidence is so overwhelming like this, you would think that would be enough for the FDA to take action. What more do they need?

Prayers for Carter....and you.

Ron Dickinson said...

I knew there was a problem with Milo's and told my Mom to be careful what treats she bought. Tonight when I came home there were 2 unopened (thankfully) bags of Milo's meatballs. While searching for info I arrived here and would like to say Thankyou for preventing what may have been a tragic mistake. I would also like to express my heartfelt condolences to those who lost their beloved pets.

nancy said...

My treasured little Havanese almost died until I finally figured out to stop giving her the Milo Chicken Jerky treats! Once I stopped, she started eating again! She is still urinating a lot, it has been two weeks, but hopefully she will recover from the excessive urination, but at least she is eating again. It was a close one!

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

I have been seeing an increase in commercials for Milo's Chicken Jerky. I wrote to my local NBC affiliate and gave them the link to the FDA information and asked that they stop airing that commercial and any commercial for Chicken Jerky treats made in China. I have yet to hear a response from the TV station.

I'm so glad your pup is going to be okay. Please note that the problem seems to be with products made in China - especially chicken.

Anave285 said...

I work at PETCO and a competition vendor told me about Milos. Then I sold a bag to a man. My stomach dropped. I decided to wait until i looked into it for myself. Now i will bring this to my managers attn. I will also sell the treats but advise my customers to research the issue. Thank you all so much for this information. I'm sorry that we are having to have this conversation at all.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

I hope PETCO will no longer sell Milo's Chicken Jerky or any other chicken product made in China.

I think I will have a little conversation with my local PETCO manager.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for getting the word out. I lost my Boxer last year to Wagon Train chicken jerkey. I thought I was doing something good for her giving her "Healthy Treats"

Anonymous said...

If you read articles online regarding chicken jerky treats made in China, you would realize they are sterilized using SPENT NUCLEAR REACTOR RODS!!!!

Who in their right mind would willing give this garbage to their family pet?

Google it. It's enough to make your blood boil and read every package for now on to see where your pets food is made.

Stay away from products made in China.

Anonymous said...

I had recently found Milos products and purchased them because it listed made in USA. I just realized today some of the Milos products are made in china. In fact one of the milos products that had been made in usa (ck tenders I think its called) appears to now be made in china too. I just emailed Del Monte and I am done purchasing any Milos product. Thank you for your blog.

Carolynn O'Donnell said...

Thank God my vet recommended checking out my dog's treats on line. This was the first site I found, but it's enough to convince me that I have been slowly killing my dog. No Milo's Kitchen treats will ever come in my house again!

Anonymous said...

My little chihuahua Roxy developed kidney failure. Luckily my vet and her youth and otherwise good health were enough save her. She would have been on dialysis if it was available. She was hospitalized for four days. She LOVED these chicken jerky treats. I feel so terrible for putting her through that. A Chinese factory also was discovered to put melanine in baby formula to boost the protein content. If people are unscrupulous enough to potentially poison babies, our dogs are of no concern

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

I'm so sorry that Roxy became ill but I'm glad you caught it in time and that she is well.

I've noticed that there are more commercials for Milo's Chicken Jerky Treats on the TV these days. I have written to my TV station, telling them about Milo's and asking them not to advertize any products made in China - not toys or food or "treats".

I hope y'all do the same.

Anonymous said...

Like Anonymous above, I also lost a beloved, healthy dog to Natural Balance potato and duck, it was a toxic reaction. It could be the meat,the Chinese put highly toxic copper into their animal feed (industrial heavy metal waste) so is this how our pets are being poisoned?
Also, since July 3, 2011, the FDA does have the power to suspend registration of facilities that import substances that have a reasonable probability of causing serious adverse health consequences or death to humans or animals, they can detain foods that they believe adulterated or misbranded. If this was happening to us they would already have acted, why not for our pets, they do have the power. Whom does the FDA work for?

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Great questions. Let's get another petition going to the FDA.

Anonymous said...

This is terrifying. I am VERY careful to buy treats that are made in U.S.A., holistic, so my dog mooched a piece of Milo's Kitchen chicken jerky at someone else's house. I saw that it was made in China and pointed it out and that was the only piece he got. This was a few days ago- maybe even a week ago (?)

No ill effects, thank God. I found out about this today and was very upset, to say the least, but he's fine.

marcy said...

I just learned about the issue with the chicken jerky dog treats. I gave my dog Milo's kitchen chicken jerky several weeks ago with no adverse affects but if I'd known they were from China there is no way that I would have purchased them.
I lost a cat to the melamine pet food disaster 5 years ago. I was feeding the cat Iams because I heard it was one of the better cat foods. She was a stray that found me and to this day I feel that I let her down by feeding her poisonous cat food. She would have been better off on the streets. Iams never admitted guilt but less than a week after I sent in an unopened package of the food that my cat had been eating I received a letter from their insurance company offering to pay 6 months of vet bills if we would not sue. My kitty outlived the 6 months thanks to daily subcutaneous fluids and we were reimbursed for approx. $3000 in vet bills.
The whole pet food industry needs to wake up and put our pets first.
Thanks for posting your story and giving others a place to vent!

Barbara said...

we've been giving our dog these treats for a while...but the last few days he has not acted himself and today he acts like everything hurts. I've shared your story on Facebook and we will boycott also.

Barbara said...

Recently my dog has started to whine. I thought that another dog in my complex was in heat and he wanted to go out more. Today my dog yelps when I pick him up and he acts like he's sick, his joints seem to hurt him. I've taken him outside several times and he's having problems going up and down the stairs. So I've decided to check the treats I've bought him and was shocked to see that Milo's Chicken Jerky was made in China. I've read your blog and all I can do is pray that my dog will be ok. I try not to give him anything made in China but I trusted the brand. Shame on me for not looking!

Teri Terrano said...

Thank you for your post on Milo Kitchen Treats! Somehow my daughter ran across an article about chicken treats this morning which prompted my search to find your blog. I just started feeding my dog these treats and he is absolutely crazy about them. No adverse affects (as of yet) but he hasn't consumed the entire bag. Today it went into the garbage! I thank you for taking the time to make consumers aware. It just blows my mind that this kind of stuff is going on and money matters more to some than life :(!

gail Schyhol said...

I also e-mailed Del Monte about this product and of course received the same form answers...but they had a surveybto fill out to let them know if this answered my questions and I let them know that DelMonte will not be in my house at all! If they care so little for the voiceless what do they think of us,who can ask questions and demand answers?

Anonymous said...

my mother bought these as a treat for our dogs but new when they arrived that could not be okay
and then coming here have found out that is true

Anonymous said...

I also bought them for my 3 dogs thinking the name was safe. 2 of the dogs were so sick with vomiting and bloody diarhea it required emergency vet care, we all know how much that costs. It was the second time that we realized what it was. I will NEVER buy anthing that comes from China for my dogs again..... Please be careful seems smaller dogs take it alot harder.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea this was going on. Our dog prefers the duck strips but I bought a bag of Milo chicken thinking he'd like a change. Guess what? He did not get sick from them. I even eat them! They are delicious.
I am sorry for anyone whose beloved pet has gotten sick or died. And, I am glad that I read this blog column as it will make me think twice before eating another one.

Linda Sabuda said...

Hello Elizabeth,
Do you know of the Facebook page Animal Parents Against Treats Made In China? They are also trying to get these treats off store shelves. I posted on your blog back on March 15, 2012. We lost our Dalmatian Mix to these treats. Del Monte has acted if it was my fault. I have been banned from their Facebook page because I repeatly asked them to Recall Milo's. I hope one day things will change. My heart is still broken from what happened. I had no idea these treats were under investigaton when I bought them. Dottie Died November 19, 2011

Anonymous said...

Hi I just now discovered that the wagon tails chicken jerky treats were made in China. My little dog has eaten them for the last 5 years. I am fortunate that she has never gotten sick. Although when I heard about the problems I am now learning how to make my own chicken jerky for her. She refuses to eat dog food of any kind and will only eat the chicken and some carbs, veggies and very few fruits. She eats what I eat and the chicken that I give her.I am sorry that people have had their pets suffer and or die. It makes me angry that no one these days cares about work ethic and taking pride in making a great product. God Bless to All Kristy L.

Unknown said...

Oh my. i have been giving my dogs these for months. i JUST FOU.D OUT!! feel horrible. now i am going to worry until I know they will be okay. No more del Monte that's for sure!!!

Unknown said...

I can't believe some of these comments are almost 2 years old and they are still selling Milo's. My dogs love bully sticks and I have been waiting for the shipment. They like a treat when I walk in the door from work so I bought Milo's at Albertson's. One dog had mild diarahea but my older lab had severe diarahea. It was horrible. I was up all night and missed work the next day. On a hunch, I looked up Milo's and wow am I shocked. I wrote to Del Monte and they did not even respond to me at all. The V and D went away but now my lab is having urine accidents in the house and she never has before. I just looked it up and it could be a symptom of kidney failure. I am just stunned that this horrible stuff is on the shelves and stores like Albertson's still sell it.

Anonymous said...

I unfortunately just found out about this recall by my best friend this past Friday. I right away went on NBC news where she had seen the story and I was so surprised that Milo Kitchen Chicken Jerky treats were the ones on recall. I have been giving them to my dog Lola for months. When I read the symptoms that is caused by these treats it all fell into place...She had been vomiting, she waas lathargic, loss of appetite. It had been hot where I lived so I chalked it up to the heat. Now I know different that it was the treats. I have taken her to the vet today and now waiting for the results. She is on antibiotics so I hope that everything turns out well. I am definately going to let Del Monte know what I think about them.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

I'm so glad this story is still getting read. I've seen many other stories in main stream media and I delight each time I see one and post it on my FB page. Other people have sent me stories and I always post them and send them around.

I hope your Lola suffers no lasting untoward effects. And, I hope we stop getting chicken from China until China stops putting whatever it is they are putting in their chicken that makes dogs sick and die.

Yeanne said...

I work for a kennel who is all about the well being of dogs, and are very knowledgeable, except about this.

One co-worker currently feeds his dogs these treats, stating it said made in the USA.

I found your blog to pass this along. Hopefully I can get the kennel to have a public display informing customers, groomers, veterinarians and shelters to discontinue use og this product and hopefully DelMonte...not a name to be trusted anymore

Thank you for informing people.
Corporations do not stand a chance when We the People unite.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Yvonne - As I write this, there have been 110 comments left here, all by people who didn't know about this problem. My Theo is fine but I could have easily written an entirely different piece. I know I was too late for some, but maybe it will make a difference for many more.

Thanks. Let's keep spreading the word.

Mike W. said...


I was not aware of this problem until yesterday when my dog ate a Milo's Kitchen Chicken Jerky treat and vomited it up within minutes. Thankfully! I feel terrible for the dog owners whose pets have died as a result. This is outrageous but the reality is, the product is still being sold in stores. I found a reporting website for the FDA for just such reports. Boycotting is good but anyone who's pet had any kind of adverse reaction to this product should report it.


It take a few minutes but if hundreds or thousand of people report

Anonymous said...

We, too, had problems with this product. They had a bad impact on our dog's kidneys. Glad we caught it in time. Spread the not buy Milo's Kitchen stuff.

Christine said...

This is extremely important.....Dog owners please take note......
DO NOT buy the chicken jerky treats for your dog from Milo's Kitchen. Any of them made in China. I did not know this and bought them for my girl Pekingese this week. She almost died. She is now at the vet recuperating from surgery. They are dangerous and have been linked to thousands of injurys of dogs and hundreds of deaths. They have yet to be recalled. I am thankful that the vet could save my little girl. I am out thousands of dollars now, and am pursuing this to end this travesty to our animal companions. PLEASE REPOST....It may save a life.
This was my Facebook post today 11/19/12
Please get this around.

Brenda Owens said...

My husband and I just found out today about "Milos jerky chicken" after test results were negative for LEPTO which is what we thought our dog had contracted. Our Vet asked if we had change anything we were feeding her, and the only thing was her treats. I bought a bag a few weeks ago she had only had a few for about a week when she became very ill, decreased appetite, decreased activity, vomiting,diarrhea,increased water consumumtion, and increased urination. She has been hospitized for seven days now with elevated liver levels, very low white blood cell count and has not eaten in seven days. Right now she is getting high doses of antibiotics, and IV fluids. All we can do is PRAY. I am outraged to think I can walk in our local Walmart and Meijer stores in Michigan and they are just sitting on the shelf. I will be following everyones advice on the proper steps to take trying to get these treats removed. And our hearts a breaking for everyone that is going through what we are or that has lost a loving pet because of this.

Jennifer Kutch said...

Thank you for this page! A week and a half ago I regretably fed my 8 year old Rottweiler a Milo's Kitchen jerky treat. Within 24 hours he became lethargic and refused to eat, on day 3 he began vomiting followed by severe bloody diarrhea and a 105 temp! He was hospitalized for 3 days before bleeding out and passing away. We are heart broken and FURIOUS at the same time. This is such an unfair way to lose a family member! We are currently working w/ the FDA who is having a necropsy and further testing done. NOTHING will bring our dog back, but I will fight til a change is made! No one should ever have to lose their dog this way.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Jennifer and Brenda - I'm so very sorry for what has happened to your beloved dogs. If this article and your posts can prevent one more person from buying this awful product, it will have been worth it. If we can convince Milo's Kitchen to stop getting their chicken from China, it will be a great victory.

I have noticed that they have stopped advertizing on my local TV channels. I'm grateful for that.

Anonymous said...

How is this exact milo's kitchen brand chicken treats still being sold? Not knowing about this, I purchased these at Walmart last night and gave my dogs each one and an hour ago one of them woke up from a nap on the couch and slide down off the couch and for about 5 minutes had trouble walking and fell over onto his side 4 times. As you can imagine I was very scared. He seems ok now but will not be recieving any more of this poison as a treat and yoi can bet I will not have a nice tone when I go to Walmart. This was today 1-2-201. This has been going on since 2007 ? WTF is going on?

Anonymous said...

I never heard of the warning until today. I unknowingly fed these treats to my dog. He had horrible bloody diarrhea, vomiting and his blood tests said extremely high liver enzymes. The liver enzymes went down with medication in the first two weeks, then he passed away in the night a few days later (just 2 weeks ago). He was still getting the treats the entire time as I didn't know that is what was causing it. The vet said it might have been his arthritis medication causing him to be sick. BUt he had been on that for 2 years with no problems. Now I read all these stories of people who have lost their dogs with exact same symptoms. I feel so guilty that a snack I gave him may have ended his life.

Stone8pin said...

Well finally SOMETHING was done, but not because dogs were getting sick, but because there was antibiotic residue left behind on this same product...hmmmm. And it's a VOLUNTARY recall, kinda makes the company look good, huh?
I have written letters to Petsmart and Petco asking them to remove ALL products from these brands from their shelves. There are many other great safe products already..and make in the USA.

Anonymous said...

Milo's Kitchen has recalled two of its treats as of January 9, 2013.

Dog parents please be aware: all pet-grade chicken is exported from China. Just because a product states that it is "made in the USA" does not preclude its ingredients from being sourced from other countries.

It is for that reason several years ago I stopped feeding my miniature dachshund any food or treat products containing poultry (if the chicken is contaminated, what's to say that duck and turkey aren't as well?).

Please avoid processed dog foods containing chicken--they are poisoning our pets. I hope that those of you who lost your dear dogs file a class action suit against Del Monte. My heart breaks for your losses.

Unknown said...

I came across your site while searching for info on Milo's. We have 3 dogs & their morning & evening treats have been Milo's Chicken grillers. They love them. I read labels (ingredients) I feel stupid that I didn't even see "Made in CHINA". In Nov my 13 yr old Sheltie Mandy all of a sudden started have extreme diarrhea and then vomiting. Quit eating & drinking. Our other 2 didn't show signs of anything so we thought maybe it was finally time & her arthritis meds were creating problems. Took her to our vets & they didn't know anything. Took her back a week later & they put her on IV's but told us she probably wouldn't get better. The next morning we chose to put her to sleep. If I had only thought about the treats but since none of the others were sick we didn't even think about it. I'm just sick now, I miss her so much and we've also changed vets since then.

Karin said...

Not only should you not buy products made in China, but make sure it's labeled made in the USA WITH USA grown chicken/beef/etc. Many pet products are labeled made in the USA because they technically are MADE here, but with chicken they purchased from China! Oh how it makes my blood boil! I bet it makes honest companies pretty pissed too when they do their best to offer a safe, healthy product to their customers because they love their animals as much as we love ours, yet they keep having to deal with the crap that the majority of the pet food industry gets away with selling while blatantly lying to everyone about how great and healthy their poison is.

Anonymous said...

I have given my 2yr. old shepherd Millo's chicken jerky since they first came out. We have never had a problem- thank goodness ! Now that I have read these horrible stories about dogs getting sick and in some cases dying, I will never feed her any brand of chicken jerky again! To those of you who have lost their beloved pet-my heart goes out to you. SHAME on Del-monte for producing these products w/chicken from China! Don't think I'll by ANY PRODUCTS from Del-monte anymore!

Anonymous said...

This appears to still be a problem.
WHY ON EARTH we still buy food products from China, is totally beyond me.
here is the link....
Sad - so much government but no one seems to be able to solve anything..

Anonymous said...

Sad that this is still happening.
WHY the US still buys any type of food product for human or pets is beyond me!

Anonymous said...

I lost my little Poodle and 3 Ferrets to the big Dog Food problem with China. You think they would have learned from that. We lost so many beautiful pets then and here we go again. Will the United States never learn.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Remember the whole scandal when it was discovered that China was putting Melatonin in infant formula? It's band in the US but is still fed to babies in China.

BOTTOM LINE: Do not buy ANYTHING that you or your pet can ingest that comes from China.

Unknown said...

Any newer news on these awful dog treats.....we just had a female lab die and we think it is from those treats. She was perfectly healthy and then in a matter of a week she passes away due to Kidney failure (the vet even said it seemed like the dog was poisoned but they couldn't find anything). And the symptoms were exactly what was mentioned in the news paper article about the 2007 incident.
I was just wondering if you keep pushing to stop the sale of the treats, started a petition, or anything that I can contribute to, to prevent any other dogs from dying or getting sick.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip. I always support made in China products before those made in this country. It was unfortunate to hear about this one. I will continue to search for only the best products made in China. They are innovative and cost effective. So much for Milos. Do you know of any made in China pet treats that you like/

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Sir or Madame - You would be very foolish, indeed, given China's track record, to continue to purchase pet food of any sort from that country. I clearly remember when infant formula made in China was recalled because the government there allows manufacturers to put Melatonin into infant formula. Still does. Infant formula made in China is banned in the US.

So, I repeat:


Karen said...

Years ago, I owned a Shih Tzu-Poodle mix. One day I gave her a Greenies Dental Chew and part of it got lodged in her throat. Now when I see Greenies at the stores, I just cringe! I don't recommend them for small dogs with small teeth.

- Karen
Chino Valley, AZ

Commentor said...

Milos Kitchen Chicken Jerky Treats are now back on the shelf with big MADE IN THE USA tags all over the package. I bought a bag for my dog. When I opened it, there was a smell of old bologna, not the chicken-y smell of the old treats. The new treats are rubbery and obviously not meat in its natural form so I checked the ingredients. "Chicken (not chicken breast), soy flour, sugar, glycerin, textured soy protein, gals, guar gum, chemicals, etc, garlic powder, BHA, natural smoke flavor...." I threw the contents of the bag in the trash. The following is the comment I just emailed to Del Monte:
My dog used to love your chicken jerky. When, oddly enough, I could suddenly no longer find it at the usual places, I tried other treats. I wasn't willing to pay your high price for the sausages or whatever, but I was willing to pay it for the chicken jerky, which was real chicken breast meat. Months went by. I wondered what happened. I saw that you still made beef jerky (he doesn't care for it) and the others, so why no chicken? Surely, there was no chicken shortage. We made do with other homemade treats for a very long time.

I was so excited yesterday to find the familiar bag on the shelf. I bought a 15 oz. bag and couldn't wait to give one to Dobbsy. Imagine my surprise when the thing I pulled out was not 'jerky' at all. It was a rubbery piece of something that no longer resembled chicken breast meat. The old version smelled like chicken when I opened each bag. This smells like bologna. My dog ate a couple and he isn't happy either.

I'm curious by nature, so I decided to suss out the details. I found numerous articles about the original jerky coming from China and the problems associated it. I don't buy ANY prepared food for human consumption - I check every jar and can - that comes from China. I am certainly not going to feed it to my dog, even though he didn't seem to have any ill effects from them.

China has no dependable oversight for its food and/or pharmaceutical manufacturing. But I'm sure you know that.

I looked at the new bag of 'jerky' and I see the big, bright Made in the USA tag. The light is beginning to dawn. I check the ingredients and there's the story. I do not feed my dog soy flour, textured soy protein or sugar. The old version was chicken BREAST and one or two insignificant additives. The texture of the meat was recognizable. This stuff doesn't look like anything real.

Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that in order to make up for cost savings with the dirt cheap product that was being manufactured in China, you had to add soy and a lot of other useless fillers, plus 'chicken' instead of chicken breast. Who knows what part of the chicken? But, OH BOY, this stuff is now made in the USA!

I thought Del Monte was better than this. Looks like good old American greed has won again. You should have been honest enough to label the package 'new recipe'. I'd pay a higher price to get the original treats made in the USA.

I won't be buying your treats again. None of them. I refuse to support a company that tries to fool its customer base (guilt by omission) to support its profit motives. Del Monte has been a trusted name and product in my house, my mother's house and my grandmother's house as long as I can remember and I'm over 40.

But, I'm willing to give that up now as I see evidence that the company is no longer run with the same scruples of the original company. I'll take the time to ferret out all of your subsidiaries, too, and find other brands to replace those as well. You have plenty of competition out there. Thank goodness for Google.

The loss of my little expenditures won't make a ripple in your global profit pool. I know that. But I'll feel good about the choices I make, not only for myself and my family, but my pets as well.

Good-bye Del Monte. Too bad I can't wish you well.

Bless you, Elizabeth, for your positive, good spirited blog.

Ginab said...

I could have written this same exact story myself, except instead of Milo's Kitchen it was Waggin' Train Dog Treats. My dog became violently ill after eating these chicken jerky treats last week. Purina was less than useless when I contacted them too. I had no idea these treats were toxic. I noticed today that the Milo's Kitchen chicken jerky strips are now made in the USA. At least they have made some changes thanks to the hard work of pet owners like you! Your story has given me the courage to return Waggin' Train Dog Treats to Walmart...maybe they will remove them, maybe not. But if one dog can be saved some pain and suffering it would be worth it!

Petzy said...

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Anonymous said...

Good afternoon. I'm writing from PR, and I started giving my little Princess, Milo's Kitchen Chicken jerky, about 7 months now, and she absolutely loves them. I had never heard about the FDA investigation until today, because I ran out, and was trying to see where I could buy more, since the store I get them from, the price is ridiculous. Anyway, I came across your story, which I know was a few years back, but it hit me like a ton of bricks, because I'm thinking..."I've given my little Princess these treats for all these months, without realizing that I was feeding her a product not inspected by any Quality Control Inspector, since I'm sure in China, they lack on Quality Controls. But, I'm done, I will not give her anymore of these treats, she will just have to learn to enjoy another kind of treats.... ;-( My Princess is very precious to me, and I've cried over little things that have happened to her, and cannot image what you went thru with your doggy because of someone else's negligence. I will write to Del Monte, since they have a plant here in PR, and it's a Puerto Rican company, and ask them what the hellish are they thinking putting a product on the market that can harm our dogs!!! I'm one Puerto Rican who will not stand for any bullying against our pets, since they are like our children, we love them as much as we love our kids, mothers, fathers, etc. I say bullying, because that is exactly what they are doing, since they are aware of the negligence, but they keep looking the other way because they don't care. Well, I will make them care! I will post this in my facebook page, and believe me, news here spread like fire, and they will feel the heat. I hope you have a good day. Vivian

Unknown said...

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RayRay Risin said...

Well, I bought a bag of these two days ago. On the front of the bag (but at the bottom), it says they were made in Arkansas, and my dog loves them. Haven't even had them for a full 48 hours yet, and as soon as she sees the bag (which is kept in a drawer with her food) she's whimpering and whining with her tail going ballistic! I'm quite sure they're safe now, as her stomach is sensitive to any food and treats that have something wrong with them.

Unknown said...

My rescue puggle's favorite treat has been Milo's Kitchen Chicken Jerky. In the last 6 months, the price dropped to $5.60 (from the normal $12-$14). I thought it was great. Then I started to wonder why. A google search returned your post. Now I understand why the price is cut in half. But I'm furious that Chewy continues to sell it with no warning. After reading your post, I immediately ceased buying it. Thankfully my baby and none of our foster dogs got sick from it (that we know of). But I'm extremely grateful for your post since there's no guarantee something wouldn't happen if we kept buying it. I'm glad your dog's recovered. Thanks so much for making this post :)