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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Episcobloggers in Anaheim

By this time next month, General Convention - AKA "My Big Fat Anglican Family Reunion" and "Brigadoon" - will be in session.

If you are going to Anaheim and you have a Blog or read them regularly, some "friends of Jake" (and, who isn't, really?) are planning a gathering of Episcobloggers.

In fact, they've already determined a date and time


July 10

Bar Louis

Immediately after the
IntegrityUSA Eucharist

The IntegrityUSA Eucharist begins at 6:30 PM and will be held in the ballroom of the Hilton. The preacher is Bishop Barbara Harris. The presider is Bishop Gene Robinson. The IntegrityUSA Eucharist is never one to be missed but THIS is one for the books.

To get all the details, visit "Friends of Jake in Anaheim".

If you're going to be in Anaheim, or if you live near Anaheim, please do plan to join us. The Episcobloggers will rock da house!

Still got your calendars out? Okay, so turn the page to Sunday, July 10 and note that the Episcopal Women's Caucus will be having their Triennial Breakfast at the Convention Marriott in Anaheim.

Featured speaker will be church historian and author Pam Darling who will help us celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the founding of The Caucus, the 35th Anniversary of the Ordination of Women and the 20th Anniversary of the election and consecration of the Rt. Rev'd Barabara Harris as the first woman to be bishop in the Episcopal Church and in the Anglican Communion.

As they used to say in Hawai'i Five-0, "Book it, Danno."



We know we've totally arrived when the cool kids are planning an "after parties!"

Can't wait ...

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Make that the "coolest kids"! :~D

Lapinbizarre said...


IT said...

Thanks for the link; traffic to Friends-in-Anaheim went from 4 to 56 in a day, thanks to the influx of Telling-secrets readers.

Jake also corrected me, it's "Bar Louie" as in "Louie crew".

Muthah+ said...

I was at the last Micky Mouse GC in 1985. Have a good time! I just can't bring myself to attend. This fat wedding is going to be too phat.