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Monday, June 22, 2009

"The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks."

This video is making the rounds in some corners of FaceBook.

I hope it goes viral.

The comment about 'The Mt. Rushmore of Divorce' is particularly brilliant. Indeed, I do believe we have our own in The Episcopal Church:

David Roseberry, David Anderson, and William Wantland (that last one was particularly messy, as I recall). There's got to be a fourth pillar of 'Anglican orthodoxy' in The Episcopal church who has left his wife for some arm candy, divorced and remarried, but I can't call it up right this very red hot second.

Ten years off purgatory for the submission of a viable fourth candidate.

I know. Sadly enough, there are lots of divorced and remarried bishops in the HOB and clergy and leading laity in the HOD.

I'm looking for the ones who are so-called orthodox who love to lecture to LGBT people about 'the sanctity of marriage'.

I think I see a 'photoshop opportunity' in someone's future - and LOTS of T-shirts and buttons on sale at the IntegrityUSA booth at General Convention.

Can't you see it? A picture of the faces of four scoundrels on "The Mount Rushmore of Divorce" with a quote under it: "What do these guys know about the 'sanctity of marriage'"?

Reminds me of that great quote:

"If you want to protect and defend' marriage, pass a constitutional amendment outlawing divorce."

There is a promise of some sun today, but until then, I can hear Karen Carpenter singing "Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down."

I'm replacing it with the mantra: "The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks."

Hope this little clip brightens your Monday. Onward!


Elisabeth said...

The beginning of the story...

(ENS)--Retired bishop of New York Richard Grein has been charged with violating canons of the Episcopal Church Episcopal Church, Anglican church of the United States. Its separate existence as an American ecclesiastical body with its own episcopate began in 1789. Doctrine and Organization
and the diocese in connection with the firing of the vicar of Grace Church, New York Grace Church, at 802 Broadway in New York City, is a historic full-service parish church in the Episcopal Diocese of New York. Grace Church is located on Broadway near 10th Street as the avenue bends into the heart of New York University and the East Village. .

Rev. Janet Kraft was fired and replaced with Rev. Anne Richards, who was described in an ecclesiastical complaint as a close personal friend of Bishop Grein and a former assistant in the bishop's office. Bishop Grein retired June 30.

The charges against Bishop Grein are: violating the canons, violation of his ordination vows and with conduct unbecomingConduct Unbecoming is a play by Barry England. The plot concerns a scandal in a British regiment stationed in India in the 1880s. The widow of a heroic officer is assaulted by an unrevealed comrade in arms and an investigation takes place to determine his identity.
..... Click the link for more information. a member of the clergy. Three clergy and eight members of Grace Church signed the complaint.

Ms. Kraft has also filed a civil action against Grace Church. Her complaint alleges breach of contract, wrongful dischargeAn at-will employee's Cause of Action against his former employer, alleging that his discharge was in violation of state or federal antidiscrimination statutes, public policy, an implied contract, or an implied Covenant of Good Faith and fair dealing.
..... Click the link for more information., wrongful denial of employment benefits and defamation.

It also charges Bishop Grein, Rev. David Rider, priest-in-charge at Grace, and Ms. Richards with a conspiracy to interfere with Ms. Kraft's employment.

...of course he then followed a very messy divorce from his wife so he could marry Ms. Richards.

Jim said...

Violets and rocks.

Do you recall the looney toon haters at the "Justice IS Orthodox" conference? The evening we walked to the banquet, as we were walking across the street and the pickets howled, a pickup truck cut Sue-z and me off as it turned. A young woman in a tight tee with big hair leaned out of the cab past the shotgun rack on the back and shouted. I expected to be put down but she glared at the pickets and her words range "You motherfucking hypocrites!"

I have to confess my own prejudice here -- that was not what I expected in Georgia. I was wrong and humbled.


Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Yes, I remember that sad story. Janet Kraft is now Janet Broderick and is the newly minted rector of St. Peter's Morristown. So, Lis, would you describe Grein as orthodox or conservative? What was his track record on LGBT sacramental / marriage equality?

Elisabeth said...

Hmmm, conservative - he'd like to think he's orthodox.

airedale said...

A small church under Jack Iker installed a thrice divorced rector. He stayed just long enough to destroy the congretation after which he announced he was resigning his priesthood, the episcopal church and marrying the divorced choir director! Sad indeed but very true.