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Friday, July 07, 2006

Stand Firm: Betty Butterfield

Who is "Betty Butterfield"?

Someone recently directed me to the STAND FIRM (a stridently conservative Episcopal organization) video blog to watch an interview with Susan Russell, president of Integrity.

While I was there, I also watched several other interviews with the ubiquitous Kendall Harmon, the always nattily dressed David Roseberry, and the ever passionate Moderator Bob Duncan.

While I did not miss one iota of the humor on both videos, I have a question: What exactly is Betty Butterfield doing on the Stand Firm video Blog?

Wait! Don't answer that. I'm afraid I think I know.

Oh, and if anyone knows of the next Betty Butterfield gig, please send me the date and time. I absolutely don't want to miss a performance by “Ms. Thang.”

I'm still giggling over her report of her visit to an Episcopal Church,

"Have you ever went to a 'Piscopal church? Lord, I didn't know . . . sit down, stand up, squat down. . .and they gave me 18 things to read . . .a book of this, a hymn book, a program . . . I said, 'Lord, I don't have to carry all this home' (she trails off, as she is of’t want to do, overcome with the emotion of it all). . . . and the thing is, they don't have any women's committees . . . when someone dies (choking up, breathless, barely able to ask the unspeakable question) . . . who makes all the casseroles?"

Forget the theology of the ordination of women. This is the REAL reason for the adamant opposition to the ordination of women.

I think Ms. Betty just might have a career, but let me speak directly to her now: Honey, here’s a piece of advice: Don’t quit your day job.

(Oh, Lord, I’m afraid to ask what that might be.)

Check it out:


Michael said...

Hi Elizabeth, I knew I liked you. Anybody who likes Betty is a friend of mine. Betty offers sage advice I think. Do you have an email address? I need some advice.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Michael, Send you questions to my church: and my Parish Administrator will forward it to me.