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Friday, April 08, 2011

Just Say "No".

Please head over to Planned Parenthood and sign the petition to let members of Congress know that we will not allow the budget to be balanced on the backs of women - especially women who can't afford health care like mamograms and pap smears.

Indeed, only 3% of the services provided by Planned Parenthood are abortion-related. Besides which, federal funding for abortion - except in cases of rape or incest - has been illegal since the 1970's.

Here's the letter you are being asked to sign. Please do so RIGHT NOW.

Send a message to Congress: Just say "not" to extremists. End the War Against Women.

Dear Representative Boehner and your extremist colleagues in Congress, 

Your willingness to shut down the federal government and devastate the daily lives of millions of Americans because of your vendetta against Planned Parenthood is utterly despicable. 

And it is absolutely clear that your actions have never been about reducing government spending. They have always been about your vendetta against Planned Parenthood. I know it; you know it; and so do millions of Americans. We stand together to stop you, and we will not back down. 

We are teachers and students, mothers and fathers, Republicans and Democrats, lawyers, doctors, and manual laborers, women and men. We know that the health care Planned Parenthood provides to screen for cancer, test for HIV, prescribe birth control, and empower and educate women, men, and teens is essential. We are millions strong — and growing. 

The hardships a government shutdown will create are unacceptable, and we implore you to stop. 



susankay said...

ABSOLUTELY!!! (forgive me for screaming but this is so very important)

Ahab said...

Threatening to take away Planned Parenthood's Title X funding was a brazen move -- it could have deprived millions of people of affordable reproductive health care. Sadly, I expect right-wingers to threaten reproductive health care funding in the future.