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Friday, January 02, 2009

All is well: Thank you!

UPDATE: (See original post below). All is well. She had two "really big" seizures and was pretty disoriented afterward. She is now emotionally labile but she's doing okay. She'll even out in the next few hours.

The long term hope is that these EEGs will provide researchers the information needed to find a surgical intervention for this disorder so that she might be able to get off all medication.

Please don't get me wrong: We are so very, very grateful that there is medication available and that she is under such good control.

It's just that the medication has terrible, long-term side effects and has ominous implications for fertility and pregnancy. So, while we are thankful to be able to medically manage this disease, a cure would be nice. Real nice.

I simply can not tell you how grateful I am for all your prayers. Knowing you were lifting her (and us all) up in prayer really helped me to make it through the anxiety.

Pray now for John Travolta and Kelly Preston's 16 year old son Jett who apparently drowned or hit his head in the bath tub after having a seizure. It's every parent's worst nightmare.

Pray for all who have to live with this disease, for the doctors and medical professionals who tend to them, and for the researchers who are working diligently to find a cure.


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear the positive news!

Fran said...

Glad that you got such good news but I will continue to pray that a cure is found.


Prayers Ascending. Much love!

gerry said...

With Joy for a good report, we'll continue to pray for advances in the treatment...