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Friday, January 02, 2009

Prayer request

One of our beautiful daughters has a seizure disorder which she developed in her freshman year in college. They called it "honeymoon seizure" because young girls who are prone to this often develop them between the ages of 18-21 and often after a stressful time - like, I suppose the wedding night.

Quaint image, right?

She has been stable for years, but once a year she goes in for an EEG. As part of the procedure, they stimulate a seizure so they can more completely assess her condition.

This is done once a year as a matter of course. Just a routine test. No big deal, really. Except, of course, that it is.

I'm leaving in a few moments to be with her and I'll stay with her until one of her friends comes in to spend the night. Just a precaution, is all.

Except that we'll all be anxious until it's all over.

So, if I may be so bold as to ask, I would deeply appreciate your sending some 'arrow prayers' this way.

You know. Just until it's all over. Which will be about 3:30 this afternoon.

Thank you. I feel better already, knowing that she will be lifted in prayer by such a mighty cloud of witnesses in the Communion of Saints.

All is well. She had two "really big" seizures and was pretty disoriented afterward. She is now emotionally labile but she's doing okay. She'll even out in the next few hours.

The long term hope is that these EEGs will provide researchers the information needed to find a surgical intervention for this disorder so that she might be able to get off all medication.

Please don't get me wrong: We are so very, very grateful that there is medication available and that she is under such good control.

It's just that the medication has terrible, long-term side effects and has ominous implications for fertility and pregnancy. So, while we are thankful to be able to medically manage this disease, a cure would be nice. Real nice.

I simply can not tell you how grateful I am for all your prayers. Knowing you were lifting her (and us all) up in prayer really helped me to make it through the anxiety.

Pray now for John Travolta and Kelly Preston's 16 year old son Jett who apparently drowned or hit his head in the bath tub after having a seizure. It's every parent's worst nightmare.

Pray for all who have to live with this disease, for the doctors and medical professionals who tend to them, and for the researchers who are working diligently to find a cure.


it's margaret said...

I will be praying for you and your family today. And for the doctors.

May that peace which passes all understanding be with you and remain with you today and always.

PseudoPiskie said...

Prayers for all involved! Waiting is so tough. If something irregular is found, can it be fixed?

Kirkepiscatoid said...

You got it. You and Ms. Conroy and your brood are in my prayers anyway!

Anonymous said...

Prayers go with you.

the cajun said...

I cannot imagine what she must feel as she awaits for the induced seizure. That's frightening even from here.

You are all in my prayers this day and evening.
May everything go as well as can be expected.

alicia said...

we will pray for you and the doctors today - sending a request to the higher powers for the best results. Thinking of you....

Anonymous said...

Your wish, etc etc. Hope it all goes well.

VTcrone said...

You are all in our prayers for today.

Mary Jane said...

Prayers for all the family as you hold one another during this test.

Brother David said...

Rezos que ascienden.

Brian R said...

Praying for you and your daughter

Ken Eck said...

You and your daughter are in my prayers today. I hope everything goes okay.

Jim said...

Prayers ascending.

Holy Luke patron of healers, join us in our prayer for her doctors and the researchers, may they find ever more care to offer her and others like her. Holy Raphael, who is like God, join our prayer for her healing, today and all days. Holy Mary, theokotus join our prayers for her family. Holy Jude patron of hopeless cases, pray with us for an awareness for Rev. Elizabeth that we too are family and one does not apologize or beg when asking family for prayers!


Grace said...

You and your family are certainly in my prayers, ((Mother Kaeton.))