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Friday, January 09, 2009

Just a Paycheck Away

A few months ago, I was contacted by Forward Day By Day, an Episcopal Publishing Company, to do a series of 'wee-bookies'(sometimes known as 'tract pamphlets') on hope.

The first arrived in my mail yesterday and I must say, it was apretty heady experience for such a small booklet.

Forward Movement Publications is an official agency of the national Episcopal Church. They produce pamphlets, booklets, and books of interest to Episcopalians, often about the 'nuts and bolts' of our faith. You can find a fascinating history of their founding here.

They are probably best known for the popular quarterly devotional "Forward Day by Day", providing daily meditations based on readings from the Bible appointed by the lectionaries.

Their website is:

You can find my little contribution

Just a Paycheck Away
by E. M. Kaeton

As our economy continues its bumpy road to recession, E. M. Kaeton offers a much-needed glimpse of hope. In this story of a man making the most out of what little he has, we see what is clearest in times in crisis: that a little bit of hope goes a long way.

"We're all just two or three paychecks away from living with the anxiety that steals any moment of joy you may find in the midst of your search for "normal," or "stable," or, well, just not being in desperate need any more....We are all just two or three paychecks away from losing it all, and the church stands guard there, at the brink of isolation and fear, offering relationships and hope."

Price: $0.60
Item No 2016
12 pages


Brother David said...

¡Muchas Felicidades, Madre Lizabet!

Your authorial success makes all the more sweet my purpose of visiting you here today.

I chanced upon this number as I was perusing last week's offering from A Prairie Home Companion. I really enjoy the humor of Señor Keillor and the folk music of the USA.

I want to dedicate this to you and all of the Señoritas who participated here in a discussion recently.

A true Statesonian Troubadour, Señor Brad Paisley

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Ah, Dahveed! You shouldn't have! If you really want to honor the senoritas, well, just put the toilet seat back down.

Jim said...

I am sitting here looking at the termination check I received as a victim of Oracle's massive reduction in its consulting staff. There simply is not a lot of business out there at the moment and Oracle is a very quarter driven company. There is no way this quarter will generate the income to cover my and the others salaries and a profit.

They are good people, they have great products and they have to live in this marketplace. I am merely devastated. And yes, we are one paycheck away from foreclosure now...

Thanks for your pamphlet. I appreciate any words of hope at the moment.


Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Oh, Jim. I'm so very sorry. My prayers are with you.

Lisa Fox said...

It's a small world, Jim. I came over here trusting that TELP would have a link to her new booklet, so I could commend it to you. I was so pained to read your note on your Facebook page.

Elizabeth, I have heard you pondering this topic for several months in regard to your pastoral responsibilities, and I'm glad to see you have written something like this for the wider church.

As soon as I saw it on the Integrity blog, I went over and ordered a dozen copies. I plan to read one, and donate the rest to my rector for use as she deems fit. I live in the state capital, where revenues are declining and a new administration (of a different party) is coming in. Without doubt, many jobs are going to be lost in the coming weeks, and many lives are going to be turned upside-down. I recognize mine could be one of them.

This may be a time when we all get a new sense of what it means to be the church ... and where we read anew the lessons of the first-century church.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Well, it's a reflection, not a 'how to' booklet. I hope, well, I hope it inspires some hope as well as some practical ways the church can help.

Fran said...

I ordered some earlier today.

Although I am not practicing it, I do have training as a coach and resume writer. I did do a workshop at my church in the summer about career transition from a spiritual perspective and I very much need to do one again.

Oh these times.