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Monday, January 19, 2009

Say what????

Apparently, there is some truth to the rumor that HBO's microphone system did not function through most of Bishop Robinson's invocation at the "We Are One" concert on Sunday. Booooo-hisssss!!!

I encourage everyone to write to HBO and register your complaint. You can do that here. No, it won't change anything - THIS TIME - but it will send a strong message to the producers of HBO that prayer is important, and that as this man is the first open, honest LGBT bishop in a 'mainline' religious denomination, they missed an important historic moment.

When you write, please don't yell or curse or say nasty things. Simply tell them that you are upset or discouraged or yes, even angry. Just don't try to 'shame and blame'. Let's leave that technique to the Trolls over at Viagraland - where it belongs.

I know, I know. They make a lot of noise, and it is distracting, but just ignore the gleeful handclapping of the Trolls over all of this. They reveal more about themselves and the state of their spiritual lives than they say anything bad about +Gene.

Head on over to Susan Russell's Inch to see more pictures and a good round up of the news reporting on the event.

Here's something from the blog "TMP Cafe". When things go wrong - especially 'human error'(and even when it's 'divine intervention') - it's always good to find the humor in it all.

Top 10 reasons HBO censored Gene Robinson
January 18, 2009, 9:34PM

I heard the opening of the inaugural concert live on NPR and then watched the rebroadcast on HBO--no invocation by gay bishop Gene Robinson. More details and a link to write HBO here at JoeMyGod's blog, but while we wait for HBO to explain, here are my top ten reasons the invocation was not broadcast:

1. HBO sound system cannot broadcast gay voices.
2. Program ran over schedule, so HBO went back in their time machine and cut the beginning of the live broadcast.
3. Appearance of a gay men's chorus went way over HBO's 'gay quota' for the event.
4. HBO is a family-friendly network that does not carry offensive material like frontal nudity, profanity, or bishops.
5. Ellen DeGeneres was jealous.
6. Dumbledore was jealous.
7. HBO was warned that terrorists were watching for a signal that America was gay weak.
8. Rick Warren was jealous.
9. Everyone knows all gays are atheists.
10. Sarah Palin used her special anti-Russian spyware to block the signal.


Kirkepiscatoid said...

That top 10 inspired me last night to create my own. Pop over and give it a look!

Bill said...

You would think that if the purpose of yesterday’s assembly was to hear a speech and that being heard depended on working equipment, that the equipment would be tested and in working order. You would think that, right??

Not for nothing, but when was the last time in the history of this country we had a black president. Seems to be a pretty important event, don't you think. And when was the last time in the history of this country that an openly Gay Bishop gave the opening address to begin the inaugural week. Yes, they blew it, and big time.

Brother David said...

Christianity Today posted the prayer on YouTube;
Gene Robinson's Prayer Kicks off Inaugural Events

David and John said...

Rumor has it HBO were not the ones who chose to censor Bishop Robinson, but the Obama team.

If this pans out to be true, it is inexcusable.

Jane R said...

Well, let's hope the complaints give the prayer extra publicity. What an outrage.

I've posted the YouTube and have sent the text of the prayer to my family.

Hmmm, I'm thinking we could study the prayers in my History of Religion in America class next week - compare the texts... (About 1/4 of the course is on contemporary religion and religious pluralism and 3/4 on history of religion in the U.S. And yes, I have a class on the First Amendment. I don't want my students to leave without know what is --and isn't-- in it.)