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Thursday, June 18, 2009

An Open Letter to Bishop Henry Parsley from Two Named 'Louie Crew'

I am delighted to post this with permission of Louie Crew regarding the 'secret panel' of theologians of the House of Bishops who are studying the issue of homosexuality and the blessing of our sacred covenants of relationship in marriage or civil union or domestic partnership in The Episcopal Church. Oh, and may I just say, "Brava, Quean Lutibelle. And, Amen."

June 18, 2009

Bishop Parsley,

In 1911, when his son Erman was only six, the local Klan came in the dark to the home of my grandfather and demanded:

"Louie, it is time for you to do your civic duty."

Louie stood them down while Erman watched from behind a window, frightened by the torches and the hoods.

Then to Erman's amazemenet, Louie called out the name of every hooded man. Erman thought his father had magical skills, not realizing that as president of the local bank, his father had loaned the money used to buy most of the buggies and horses of the vigilantes.

"John! Gary! James! Henry!......" Louie called to the panel before him; "you know that you are up to no Christian good when you have to hide your face to do it."


+Henry, Bishop of Alabama, Ernest and I still pay taxes on Louie's property in Coosa County. You know that you are up to no Christian good when you have to hide the identity of the special panel that you have appointed to study us secretly.

Nor do you treat all parties equally. This week the MISSIONER, published by Nashotah House, identified The Rev. Daniel Westberg, a professor at Nashotah House, as a member of the secret panel and Dr. Ellen Charry, a professor at Princeton Theological Seminary, as the panel's chair. (See page 3 of the current issue)

The writer had sufficient knowledge to characterize the theologyical position of each member of the secret panel.

Why does one of our most conservative seminaries have access to information that you have denied to all who have requested it, including those of us who share fiscal responsbility with you at General Convention?

End the duplicity. Take the hoods off all members of the committee. Let there be transparency and decency.

I have been baptized.

Louie Crew, L1 Newark


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Yet I do not presume the good Bishop is ashamed as he should be...

David@Montreal said...

'End the duplicity. Take the hoods off all members of the committee. Let there be transparency and decency.'


Brava saint Louie, you're a living blessing to our tribe and the Church.


Jane Priest said...

And let us say "AMEN!"

Марко Фризия said...

Given the rise in violent extremism in the USA, this secret theological tribunal (as a way to deal with personal issues of minorities) is setting a terrible example. This faceless, nameless committee is already creating disunity and distrust. No good can come from this.

Lapinbizarre said...

Superb letter.

Muthah+ said...

Louie speaks earnestly and importantly. What was clear was that +Henry in dealing with Louie treated St. Lutibelle scathingly. +Henry needs to be called to account.

Thanks for posting this EK+

Lapinbizarre said...

Anyone not yet on to what the StandFirm mind-set is really about should check the comments - many, many of them - on their thread on this letter. The thread starts with a large scan of Louie and Ernest, guaranteed to get that reasserter blood-lust up and baying.