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Friday, August 20, 2010

The Big Move

Today was the day of the Big Move from New Jersey to Llangollen, our wee cottage on Rehoboth Bay.

Not the Big Chill. Not the Big Lebowski. The Big Move.

We moved all the furniture we were going to take with us - a desk, a bureau, a few book cases (of course), two rocking chairs (of course). Pots and Pans. Pictures. Books - lots and lots of books (of course). Like that.

Traffic on the NJ Turnpike was noting less than horrific until we got past Exit 6 (the Pennsylvania Turnpike). I have no idea what the problem was - if there had been an accident and this was the left over congestion - but it was like a parking lot out there.

Very frustrating. Especially in 90+ degree weather.

But, we're here. And now, the unpacking begins. We have a couple of guys coming tomorrow morning at 9 AM. What we can't decide on - or, what will be in the way during renovation - goes into storage. Which, thankfully, is just up the street about 10 minutes away. And, is accessible 24 hours a day. If that becomes important.

We also have to return to NJ on Monday and clean up the rectory. Some of the guys who helped us move today will come back to take a small load of dishes and glassware to Good Will, the microwave to the Red Cross and a small load to the dump.

We also have bed linens, a printer, some odds and ends to bring to LSD = Lower, Slower Delaware.

Oh yes, and then there's our youngest daughter's wedding next Saturday. Which is why we decided to do The Big Move this weekend. Pretty smart, right?

Yes, it's been pretty frenetic around here.

I'm about to take a hot shower, slather my shoulders, neck and arms with some Cryoderm, eat some ice cream and be in bed by 10 PM.

That's my plan and I'm sticking to it.

Oh, did I mention that it feels so good to be "home"? To be in a house that is "ours"? That we'll own next year when the mortgage is paid off? Where we can stay until we say it's time to go? That's not dependent upon where we work?

I know. That's a very middle class attitude. I know. Many, many people don't have - will never own - their "own home". Many more don't have a roof over their heads.

I am - we are - most blessed. And, I am deeply grateful.

And, tired.

Thanks to everyone who held us in prayer. It really made the difference.


klady said...

"Oh, did I mention that it feels so good to be "home"? To be in a house that is "ours"? That we'll own next year when the mortgage is paid off? Where we can stay until we say it's time to go? That's not dependent upon where we work?"

Amen. Yes, it is true that there are great many people who never own their own homes or even have a home at all, but there is nothing more impermanent and unsettling as living in rectory. I have lived in apartments, dorm rooms, and can imagine even humbler surroundings where I would feel more at "home" in my space than church-owned housing, no matter how lovely or well-maintained (though generally one can scarcely call a plumber without worrying about what the Property Committee will think and do). Enjoy home being home!

suzanne said...

Welcome to the newest residents (at least for a while) of Delaware.

Blessings to you both, and I hope you aren't too sore in the morning.

Mark Delcuze said...

Home is where the heart is ... welcome home!

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Thanks all. The shower felt sooOOOooo good. I also got to floss my teeth - a luxury and a chore after the third day w/o being able to find the floss.

Klady - you're right. Something about a rectory never feels like "home" does it. You can't really invest your heart there. The Vestry has known about the water damage to the guest room cieling, wall and window for 8 months. It looks AWFUL. The (slate) roof was FINALLY replaced. I'm not holding my breath until the interior work gets done. It's really hard to invest yourself in something nobody feels they "own". On the other hand, I wonder how it must be to live in a rectory where the congregation feels a strong ownership. It's really such a no win situation. I have a hunch guys aren't bothered by it. I suspect it may be something more women feel.

Jason Haddox said...

So happy to hear y'all are HOME and safe. Our movers show up on Monday...

And for what it's worth, some guys aren't too thrilled with church-owned housing either. We raised cain for almost a year about busted gutters and leaking windows at You-Know-Where :)

JCF said...

Oh, I LOVE homeowners.

When I need to crash somewhere, I know where to go! ;-/

[Not to worry. I'm on the other side of the country, w/ a safe roof over my head. For now. O_o]

Know all about the Big Move, having just done it in June. However, I didn't really get to to much unpacking (most of my worldly goods went into storage). Enjoy it---welcome home!

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Thanks, Jason. I think T.M. also moved of Madison yesterday. That's three of us out of the Diocese of Newark. For TM, it was time to move on - wish we could have kept him in the diocese, but I guess some things are just not to be. And, your leaving is a huge loss to the diocese, my friend. I hope your ministry flourishes and thrives in GA.

As for me, well, I have the next few months to get this "nest" settled, then off to do some post-doc work as Proctor Fellow at EDS in Cambridge, then back in June to figure out what I want to be when I grow up - which may or may not include early retirement. I'll stay canonically resident in Newark for a while but I'm not feeling any great incentive to stay. We'll see how the future unfolds.

I'm just loving being "home" instead of "in the rectory". It's such a wonderful blessing. I'm so grateful. The real thrill is that, this morning, all my plants are not only alive, they actually seem happy, too. I can't tell you how happy that makes me feel.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

But how satisfied you will be when it all is over and finished with ;-)

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Yes, my darling Goran. The movers will be here in thirty minutes. Let the unpacking and the settling in begin.

it's margaret said...

Welcome home! May all the stuff you really need in a hurry find its way to the top of the heap... And may you be well rested before the festivities next weekend.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...
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KJ said...

Blessings! There's nothing better than being on the "other side" of a move. I trust the renovations won't be too disruptive, but I'm willing to bet that hope would be in vain.