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Friday, October 10, 2008

Integrity Applauds CT Supreme Court Decision

This past Tuesday, I was at our Annual Fall Clergy Women's Brunch, sitting next to a colleague who has been in this diocese almost as long as I have. She was chatting with me about the new home she and her husband just purchased "south" of NJ in anticipation of retirement, and telling me in very excited terms about how much less the cost of living is there and how we can get some "really good deals."

I looked at her and smiled and said, "Thanks for that information. It does sound great. You and your husband must be thrilled."

"BBBUUUUTTT?????" she said, "What's not to love about this?"

I smiled again and said, "Well, you see, Ms. Conroy and I couldn't retire there."

"Why not?" she asked.

"Well, because there's probably less than an ice cube's chance in hell that she and I would have our MA, CA, or soon, please God, CT or NJ marriage seen as valid there, much less have our present domestic partnership validated. And, well, the older we get . . . . . well, we just can't take the chance that one of us might get sick and hospitalized and . . . well . .. .."

Our conversation ended as the meeting was called to order but a few minutes into it, I felt my sister's arm on mine. When I looked at her, she was crying and saying, "I'm so very sorry. That's just so not right. I'm so sorry."

On October 13 we will celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the covenant we made with each other to live in faithful, loving, monogamous relationship. God has richly blessed us with a wonderful family - six children and five grandchildren, some heartbreaks and challenges that have helped us to grow, and great, deep joy that warms our hearts and souls at the memory of them.

God is good. All the time.

We live in sure and certain hope - which is now even more sure and certain in CT.

But elsewhere? Hmmmmmm . . . .Not so much.

And so, the struggle continues.


October 10, 2008

Integrity Applauds Connecticut Supreme Court Decision

Integrity applauds today’s Connecticut Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality. "Today's decision is a decision in favor of marriage and against bigotry," said Integrity President Susan Russell.

"It is another step forward toward making this a nation of liberty and justice for all -- not just some -- and it is a cause for celebration for all Americans.

It is also a source of great encouragement for those of us working to preserve marriage for all in California."

"Integrity is committed to continue to work toward full inclusion for the LGBT faithful in the Episcopal Church and to advocate for equal protection for LGBT Americans -- and we give thanks for those who made today's Connecticut Supreme Court decision possible."

(The Reverend) Susan Russell, President
714-356-5718 (mobile)
626-583-2741 (office)

John Clinton Bradley, Executive Director

1 comment:

David@Montreal said...

dear, dear Elizabeth+

Oct 13th your & Ms. Conroy's Covenant Anniversary is also Canadian National Thanksgiving (Canadians do it earlier!), so another reason for thankfulness here in our tiny house.
Oct 12th, the very sad anniversary of Matthew Shepherd's death.
Oct 14th National elections here in Canada
and Oct 18 the 22 Anniversary of the wondrous work of grace that's your priesthood
What a month!

Of course you and Ms. Conroy could always live the legal embodiment of your marriage here in Montreal with a Canadian marriage (Canadian's do it earlier), but our beautiful winters might take some getting used to for the two of you.