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Thursday, October 02, 2008

We Are The Ones

I've just finished watching the Vice Presidential Debates.

While I knew there wouldn't be any Big Surprises (both were obviously well rehearsed), I am both astounded and deeply disappointed.

Astounded by the assessment that "Palin did not embarrass herself or McCain." Are you kidding me? She "won" because she didn't embarrass anyone?

Disappointed when Biden and Palin both said they supported "Civil Rights" for LGBT people, but not "marriage."

Deep Sigh.

I continue to find this video of young people inspiring.

Yes We Can!



Well, Palin did better than the Cubs did tonight! :)

Bill said...

"Disappointed when Biden and Palin both said they supported "Civil Rights" for LGBT people, but not "marriage."

I expected this from Palin but I wanted more from Joe. I wanted more, but I didn’t expect to hear it. All their remarks are geared toward middle America and those folks are still having a tough time with Darwin.

"Palin did not embarrass herself or McCain."

I never even considered the possibility of embarrassment. They're just too well coached and prepared. I did however expect her to answer at least a few questions. I love the way they just ignore the question and give their prepared sound bites.

Biden did what a "Veep" is supposed to do, support Obama. Palin on the other hand spent a lot of time telling us how well she did in Alaska as a governor and a mayor. Nothing against Alaska mind you but a population of 600,000 doesn’t equate to great experience in government. I would be more impressed if she had been Borough President of Brooklyn NY. With a population of 2.5 million, if taken as an independent city, it would rank as the 4th largest city in the country. NYC has a population of 8.25 million or 13.75 times larger than Alaska. If she wants to cite experience she should run for mayor of NYC.

On the world’s climatic and pollution problems:
It’s almost universally accepted in the scientific community that our climatic and pollution problems are man made. She disagreed. Her solution to the energy crisis is more oil and more gas. She wouldn’t even talk about alternative fuel sources.

On Iraq:
Biden proposed an eighteen month deadline to be out of Iraq. Palin called that waving a “white flag of surrender" in Iraq.

The debate watchers polled by CNN said that by a 7-point margin -- 43 percent to 36 percent, Biden won the debate.

As far as Palin, they said she did better than expected. Well, they expected her to fall flat on her face, so doing better than expected doesn’t give me a warm and fuzzy feeling about a potential leader.

Jim said...

Well, hey, it is after all a 'crucified place' where the mainstream sends lesbians and gays. Pull up a cross, have a beer and sit with us Rom and the Jewish folks, We have been here for centuries.

"Civil Rights but not marriage" is the same stupidity we hear from bishops, and all the other politicians civil and clerical. Like that is gonna work!

Separate but equal is back.