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"If you are a dreamer, come in. If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar, a Hope-er, a Pray-er, a Magic Bean buyer; if you're a pretender, come sit by my fire. For we have some flax-golden tales to spin. Come in! Come in!" -- Shel Silverstein

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The remains of the storm

There are little bundles of sea grass, just like this, strewn all over the yard of the wee cottage we call Llangollen.

It looks like the ocean has vomited in several places.

Each little bundle of sea grass contains pieces of wood and glass, a few plastic bottles, an old Bic cigarette lighter, some bits of broken glass and lots and lots and lots of chirping crickets who seem to be protesting the disorientation of finding themselves in a new 'home'.

There are also large pieces of lumber in the yard along with large sheets of aluminum siding - none of it ours.


The water is still very high and, every now and again, I can hear the squawks and grumbles of a few ducks in the marsh.

The wind is still strong, blowing puffs of chilly air that rock the wooden rocker on the deck. It sways absent and all alone, as if to comfort itself from the shock it has recently sustained.

Strangest of all is that there are no sea gulls about. None. I find that oddly disconcerting.

None of the homes here, including this one, seem to have sustained any major damage. I was mostly worried about the new heating/ac unit which sits on a four foot high platform outside the guest room. I was concerned that it might be either blown away or so badly flooded that it wouldn't work.

Thankfully, I was wrong on both counts. The house is toasty warm and cozy, the electricity was never lost, and the food in the refrigerator and freezer is just fine. Even the clocks don't need to be reset.

We were very, very lucky.

My neighbors are not yet up and about and I haven't stopped at my little 'Mom 'n Pop' store at the top of the street to hear all the stories that will be told about the storm. That will come later.

I have an appointment in Rehoboth Beach at 10 AM so I'll be able to see the damage that was sustained to the Boardwalk then.

I don't know if my heart is ready for it.

I'm glad I'm here and can see for myself that Llangollen will be okay. Just some elbow grease is all that's required.

It's always the not knowing that's worse than any bad news one might get, isn't it?

Gives me a better understanding of the story of the apple in the Garden.


Bill said...

"Strangest of all is that there are no sea gulls about. None. I find that oddly disconcerting. "

Sea Gulls always head inland when a storm approaches. I remember as a kid in the Bronx, the gulls would come in and take up residence on assorted football fields until the weather got better.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Ah, mystery solved. Thanks, Bill.

suzanne said...

This must true, because my friend over at Bethany Bay has remarked the same thing. No birds!

Maybe they're all in Milton!!

David@Montreal said...

WOW just another reminder that no matter how much concrete, pavement, no matter how high the towers or how fast the technology we do live in and with nature.

Grateful Llangollen fared so well, and look forward to you writing the experience and its insights into a sermon one day.


susankay said...

Elizabeth -- I don't know if this is what you meant but I surely know I can cope with bad news way better than with uncertainty. And I suspect that, for me, I need to pray for willingness to live in uncertainty and its associated trust in God. And I am so very bad about it.

Glad your nest is well and sorrow for the village.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Exactly, Susankay

JimB said...

Good to hear all you need is a good rake. Disasters are often like that, the reality no matter how bad is not as bad as the worry in anticipation.


the cajun said...

Good news. It's been a rough ride for many in the area.
Wish I had known you were here. We could have shared a meal together, or at least a festive cocktail.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Me too, darlin'. It was a 'turn around jump shot' kinda trip. No real time. Next time, though. Promise.

Joanna Depue said...

Good to hear there was no major damage at your home. Phew!! Godspeed.

June Butler said...

Elizabeth, I'm pleased to hear that Llangollen and your neighbors' structures came through the storm pretty well.

I know the feeling of not knowing.

Kirkepiscatoid said...

I, too am grateful that the cottage was relatively spared. I like the updates from there!