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Friday, January 25, 2008

Diocese of Newark Meets in Convention

And, it's off to Diocesan Convention this weekend. While others are watching the live stream of the consecration of Mark Joseph Lawrence as the XIV Bishop of South Carolina at 11 AM on Saturday morning, we will no doubt be debating what is, perhaps, the most controversial resolution to come before us.

Nah, not the one on Hate Crimes. Not the repeal of (hold your nose and vote) B033. Not even the one that asks to "affirm the full particpation of the LGBTI Community in The Episcopal Church."

No, my hunch is that it will be this one:

Resolution 2008-07: Resolution on the Provision of Interpreters for the Deaf at Diocesan Programs and Events.

Imagine - the deaf asking that they hear! What do they expect? A miracle? I mean, don't they know it will cost money to hire an interpreter(s) (up to $125 per event).

Well, first it was people of color, then women, then LGBT people and now, THIS!

I suppose it will simply never end. Before you know it, everyone will want to be included in the church.

You know, like Jesus said.

Film, as they say, at eleven.

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