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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Scenes from an American Girl "Little Christmas"

I'm just now catching up after the dreadful 'writing' phase of my life. You remember. It was but a few weeks ago. I was obsessing and making everyone - especially myself - crazy. Could it really have been just a few short weeks ago?

Just to show you how bad this 'catch up' stuff is, we are just now taking down the Christmas tree. I may have all the decorations put away before we begin Lent this coming Wednesday.

Well, back to the end of the 'dreadful writing phase': I mailed my paper to my advisor at 10:42 AM on Saturday morning and MacKenna arrived at 11:30. Off we went on the NJ Transit Train into mid-town Manhattan for our day at American Girl Doll Store to purchase her long-desired American Girl Doll and for her first train ride adventure into "The City."

If you don't know about the whole "American Girl Doll" thing, just move along. This is not for you. Enlighten your self. Wander over to the right side of your screen and check out some of the other blogs. Visit for awhile. Listen to Billy Holiday sing "God Bless The Child." Trust me. You'll be a better person for surfing the web instead of looking at these pictures.

How wonderful was "Little Christmas"? I just got some of the pictures off my phone camera.

This first one is of the American Girl Doll Mackie picked out. Her name is . . . hang on . . . Elizabeth. No way! Yes way. That's the one she chose. She's from the American Colonial period. Elizabeth is a loyalist. Her best friend is Felicity is not.

This is Elizabeth in her party dress.

Can you tell MacKenna is thrilled to be back at Nana and Grammy's with her American Girl Doll?

We did stop off at Rockefeller Center to watch the Ice Skaters. It's right there, across the street from American Girl Doll Store.

What a GREAT "Little Christmas"!

We gave Mackie a choice for her birthday present in July. She may chose one of the following two choices: (1) Seeing "Little Mermaid" on Broadway (her FAVORITE Disney character) or (2) A hot air balloon ride.

Guess which one she chose?

Right. The hot air balloon ride.

Her parents are apoplectic. Her Nana is thrilled.

Clearly, the apple does not fall far from the tree.


David@Montreal said...

Can't wait to see your pictures from the hot air baloon!
Bon voyage Elizabeth+


MadPriest said...

Christmas decorations come down tomorrow, Candlemass. Not before, not after - tomorrow.