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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Meatloaf

Is this not the grossest dinner presentation you've ever seen?

Is this not absolutely perfect for dinner on All Hallow's Eve?

Well, okay if you are a carnivore. And, have a sick sense of humor. Or, kids - especially the kind that never really grow up.

It's meatloaf with onions and cheese which is sitting on a bed of fluffy white mashed potatoes. Cool, right?

She's got another presentation which is sitting on mashed potatoes and surrounded by kale (or, if you prefer, brain matter and swamp greens).

You can find the recipe and detailed cooking instruction - three, count 'em 3 versions - at "Not Martha's" webpage.


PS - I think you can do this 'freestyle' without bothering with the hand gelatin mold. You'll just need to make sure the fingers are 'beefed up' so they don't cook before the rest of the hand.


Kirkepiscatoid said...

...glad I could be of assistance! LOL

Mary-Cauliflower said...

Theological insight-yes. Social issues and interesting topics - well, of course. Shared pain and prayer - goes without saying. Adolescent humor - you had me at mashed potatoes.

motheramelia said...

Suitably gross for an 8-12 year old.

Paul said...

I shared this with all my co-workers. Universally adjudged as totally gross, but very inventive. I have resisted suggestions that I make it tonight and bring it to work tomorrow.

KJ said...

But, how does one get the center cooked to the proper temperature without burning the fingers -- But then again, an 8-12 year old would not care.

it's margaret said...

Meatloaf again?!


MarkBrunson said...

Hey! Has that got one of them time-released curses I've been hearin' about?

Brother David said...

But, how does one get the center cooked to the proper temperature without burning the fingers

Aluminum foil KJ, aluminum foil. Same as with protecting the edges of double crust pies.

That hand is really creepily too real!

Fran said...

Am I to be the only one to be foolish enough to make the "don't bite the hand that feeds you" joke?

Perhaps someone did... and Elizabeth left it unmoderated!

My stepdaughter would love this - she is 13. And my husband, who is 13 in his own way would feel the same.

Me? Maybe not so much!