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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Quoth Rowan

Lambeth Palace has released this quote from the Archbishop of Canterbury:

"This initial response of the House of Bishops is discouraging and indicates the need for further discussion and clarification. Some important questions have still to be addressed and no one is underestimating the challenges ahead."


JimMollo said...

Sigh. Deep deep sigh.

Jim said...

You know, I bet it is discouraging. After all, if we wont cave to the bullies after he has, how does he look? I mean consider his brilliant example vis-a-vis Jeffrey John. And now we wont simply sacrifice mere people for the good of his institutionalism?

Ah well, I at least hoe he decides to decline the invitation the bishops offered so graciously. We would be wasting our time.


Bill said...

I just sent you this story from Associated Press. I just can't keep up with you.

June Butler said...

Archbishop Williams, you could come over here and talk to us instead of lecturing us, and you might try a bit of humble listening too.

Lame, lame, lame.

Mike in Texas said...

Poor Rowan is having a bad day with the Parliament refusing his exemption from the non-discrimination law and then those pesky colonials.


This comment on the same quote on my blog from John Gibson cracked me up:

"They probably said much the same thing about the "statement" from the Continental Congress in 1776!"

toujoursdan said...

I hope he takes the TEC up on the invite, but like Fr Jake, I have doubts that he will.

Lindy said...

Ah, "further discussion," that should do the trick.

Poor Rowan. I am sure he is indeed "discouraged."

Linda McMillan

MadPriest said...

I know I didn't check with you first, but I've put you on the list of people who have agreed to underestimate the challenges ahead, so that every time the Grand Tufti says this, which he does quite often, he has to say "other than..." and then all our names.
Well, it's a bit of publicity for the neighbourhood.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

But, my darling Maddy, as my brilliant sister in Christ, Susan Russell, relates, the British have been saying this since they got the "statement" from the Continental Congress in 1776.

We Yanks are very clear about the cost of said challenges, and we are willing to pay them.

Not to worry, my luv. We'll not abandon you as we proceed gaily forward.

Frair John said...

I think he'll hide out at Fairacers for a day or so before we hear more. After all, it may take a while for him to recieve orders from +Akinola.

Jon said...

Standing up to bullies is one way to characterize what the bishops did. It could also be described as the HoB saying "Up your's; it's our way or the highway" to all the other provinces in the Communion. While standing up to bullies is clearly a good thing, failing to respect the Other's perogaitive to be other in a relationship (as saying "our way or the highway" does) appears to be rejection of the call to wage reconciliation we have received from Jesus and the HoB. Why would anyone find an apparent rejection of God's vocation for the church anything other than discouraging?