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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Remembering Gilda and the Rainbow Presence

There's been quite a . . . . um . . . . conversation over at HOB/D about the Rainbow Presence Project proposed by INTEGRITYUSA.

I am absolutely flummoxed by this conversation about the presence of Rainbows at Easter, I find that I am completely awash in the absurdity of it all.

In my mind I hear Gilda Radner's SNL character, Emily Letila, asking, "What's all this about making Easter presents out of rain bows? That's the most ridicalis thing I never heard! You can't make bows out of rain! And, even if you could, who would want to give them as presents at Easter? You can't make anything out of rain, except, maybe tea or soup, or you could wash clothes in it like my great grandma used to, but you can't give 'em as presents at Easter! Kids want chocolate bunnies and plastic eggs filled with jelly beans at Easter, not bows made out of rain. Why, that will just destroy the true meaning of Easter . . . "

At which point, Jane Curtin's 'Weekend Review' character interrupts: "Emily .. . Emily . . . that's Rainbow Presence. There are people who want to wear Rainbows at Easter as a way of celebrating the great diversity of the church. The Rainbow is God's reminder of the Covenant made with God's people through Noah that all of creation is good and that the earth will never again be destroyed as God's punishment. Jesus is the Incarnation of that Divine Love and Promise. LGBT people and their allies want the diversity of their presence remembered in the church as Resurrection people. It's an Easter Rainbow Presence, Emily."

Emily looks befuddled, scratches her head and says, "Oh.. . . . . Oh, that's
very different."

And then Our Ms. Emily smiles sweetly into the camera and says, "Never mind!"

You can find out all about it here

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