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Monday, August 25, 2008

Michele Obama

Two questions:

Wasn't she terrific tonight?

Why isn't she the presumptive Democratic nominee for President of the United States?

Oh, and PS. BTW: I hope that after Barack gives his acceptance speech, Michele gets to ask the girls, "Well, how do you think Daddy did?"

You can watch it here.


Caminante said...

Anne said the same thing tonight (our anniversary) as we watched the convention....

Dennis said...

you know, she is incredible.

So is her husband.

they are both wonderful people and I think that as Democrats we can be proud of both of them.

We can be excited about a great nominee who will do so much to undo what the Bush crowd has done and to improve the lives of women and men and children in this country.

We have a nominee that we can be proud of. And seeing an African American as the presumptive nominee of my party makes me very proud to be an American today. Who ever thought that we would live to see this?

I'm very excited about our nominee and very hopeful for our country.

And I think that we are about to see an incredible presidential spouse in this wonderful and amazing woman. No wonder the Republicans hate her so. She must scare them a lot. And she has a wonderful husband who will be an amazing President.

And it is obvious that they love each other a lot.

Fran said...

I am still beaming after watching all this great stuff last night.

Michelle Obama is REALLY amazing - such integrity and such power that comes from deep within.

Quite a change from the forced smiles of current and potential first ladies.

It is time for a change - like right now.

Lindy said...

Amen to all that.

Barak bores me, and I question his citizenship too! Michelle rocks.

Anonymous said...

"No wonder the Republicans hate her so. She must scare them a lot"

Why do you accuse others of hate? I might vote for Obama (esp b/c I like Biden alot) but I do think it is only responsible to ask myself, in light of her comments, if she is mature enough (and if Obama is) in light of her comments that only with Obama's nomination was she for the "first time proud of America" and her comments about being put off about paying back her college loans, and her comments about America being mainly a land of oppression. I understand, as I think everyone should, how black rage or anger is justified by the history of oppression . . .but I ask myself what is the danger if this is fundamental to a person in a way that makes right action and right perspective less possible. These are responsible deliberations, required by what she has said (and by Obama's nearness to Rev Wright and Wm Ayers, and his own criticisms of America).

As for the speech, I don't tend to find too many political speeces very moving or substantive, from either party. Nothing close to MLK's speech anyhow.

JimB said...

I was doing a 14 hour day, so I only saw part of the speech. What I saw was very, very good.

That said, will I vote for Mr. Obama because he has a brilliant, and charming wife and two nice daughters? Nope.

The president will be Mr. Obama if he is elected. Frankly he could be married to anyone or no one and it would not matter to me.

Still it was a very effective speech and as we have seen lately, she may want to be a senator from New York someday, so it is good practice.


Dennis said...

"...and I question his citizenship too!...."

Nope. You can't get away with that. The facts are the facts. The pathetic republicans came up with the phony smear about his place of birth and then when a birth certificate was produced they even denied reality.

President Obama will be someone that we can all be proud of. It is our chance as a nation to turn the page and move on to a new day. He is as skilled and as honorable a man as any candidate that any party has nominated in a long long time.

You can support who you want. The issues are too big but whatever.

But you know as well as I do that Obama is an American citizen. No more Rush Limbaugh talking points this year. Obama is not Muslim, he is not a foreigner, he is not a radical, and he is ready and able to lead this country.