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Monday, August 11, 2008

A modest proposal from Ft. Worth


We request that the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth provide the guidance necessary so that we might "make a proposal" that would lead our Diocese into full communion with the See of Peter.

We believe this guidance is necessary for the following reasons:

1. We cannot adequately prepare such a proposal without input from those to whom the proposal is to be made.

2. Such guidance would help us through the complicated aspects of this proposal.

3. With this guidance, the Holy Spirit could affect more quickly the healing of this portion of the broken Body of Christ.

Should you consent, we gladly offer ourselves for this important work and stand ready to work with those you might designate.

Katie Sherrod has the rest.

Read it all here

Me? Well . . .there are no words . . . .simply no words at all.


Jane R said...

Saw this over at the Episcopal Café.

My reaction begins with "holy" and continues with several other words...

JCF said...

I really don't think anything will come of this. Rome---for all its many, many, faults---is SMART enough to say "Thanks but No Thanks."

Bill said...

What's with this group therapy stuff. If you feel that your theology is closer to Rome, then go and join. The same holds true for people like me who really couldn't take Rome any longer and joined the Episcopal Church. Why do people feel it necessary to drag an entire diocese along with them. The old adage, "Misery loves company", comes to mind.

gerry said...

I would suspect that the boyz are hoping the See of Peter will make an exception for them and recognise all of their Orders, in exchange for a whole Diocese.

After all Ft. Worth is in affinity with the See of Peter and doesn't ordain the gurlz or teh gays.

May God have Mercy...

JimB said...

I can hardly imagine the joy with which the clergy wives must have greeted this!

If Benny 16 has half a brain, he will realize he is being offered some really serious psychological problems along with what TEC will treat as stolen property. I suspect this is going nowhere.

How soon can deposition and re-orginaztion come to FW?


Fran said...

Your Roman friend here... shuddering at the thought.

(Oh I forgot, you brought me in!)