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Saturday, August 30, 2008


I've been working on 'family stuff' after being totally verclempt with the announcement of "That-Ain't-No-Lady" Sarah Palin as the presumptive Republican nominee for VEEP.

You only have to look at McCain as he watches Palin to know that he's scared to death of her. Just look at the pained expression on his face. Well, that, and the way he pulls on his pinky finger as she talks.

I must say, however, that the McCain strategy worked in this way: He and Lady Sarah have totally stolen the thunder from Obama's amazing acceptance speech. The only thing on the news is the shock waves of the VEEP selection and NOT Obama's speech.

Pity, because it was wonderful - made me feel proud to be an American again. Oops, wasn't that the same line that got Michele in trouble?

I think THIS clip from The Colbert Report is all that needs to be said about the VEEP selection. Let's just have a good laugh and get over it and on with it, shall we?

After all, I think that's all it was really meant to do.

I mean, otherwise, it would be HUGELY insulting to women and McCain did this because he wants the vote of women.

Right? Somebody tell me that's right. It's just a little birthday joke on McCain's 72nd birthday yesterday, right?.



Lauralew said...

Oh, I so hope that this little joke is all that it is. If it is more, we all are in HUGE trouble.

Leonard said...

I'm laughing as hard as I can.

Cany said...

The weird part is she is more conservative and crazier than McCain. And yes, when I saw McCain with her, he looked like he was ready to have a meltdown...

She likes shooting wolves from the air, doesn't worry about drowning polar bears, loves oil, can gut a fish with the best of them, and her favorite food is Moose Stew (moose which she no doubt catches with her teeth). In one interview, she was sitting on a couch with a huge grizzly rug across it and a crab the size of Hew Hampshire on the table in front of her. Apparently, she likes dead things... ALOT.

She's a real whack job meaning Rove picked her.

God help us if they win.

VTcrone said...

When trolling the Sunday Morning talk shows, except for Faux News, I heard one talking head say that McCain and Palin were speaking together yesterday in front of a conservative Republican audience. At one point in her speech, she started to praise HRC and Geraldine Ferraro for "cracking the glass ceiling," and she got booed by the crowd.

Lost in Texas said...

Utter rubbish. I listened to the entire speech. When Governor Palin mentioned the Ferraro and Clinton, the crownd applauded. We can certainly contrast the Republican and Democratic parties by the reaction to the nominations. Senator McCain spent money to congratulate Senatro Obama and the Obama campaign immediately started to trash Governor Palin.

VTcrone said...

OK "LIT," I beg to differ. I sent the post about Palin being booed after mentioning Hillary's name in a speech, after hearing Mike Murph,a former McCain advisor, mention it on Meet The Press. I had Tivoed THIS WEEK with George Stepanopoulos (ABC) and watched that early this afternoon. On his round table discussion, George brought up the same topic and played a clip of the speech. You could clearly hear people starting to boo when Palin brought up Hillary's name. Are you certain you were listening carefully, BTW Obama has NOT been bashing Palin, and told his staff that some of the things they were saying were inappropriate. Obama has been extremely polite to McShame considering all the stuff that's been trown at him and lies told about him.
Finally, "LIT" did you know that McShame is a former POW?

Lost in Texas said...

No, what the Obama campaign said first was"Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency," said Obama spox Bill Burton. " Only after they caught a raft of crap for that classless remark did "THE ONE" in his typical wishy washy fashion backtrack. What they seem to forget is that Sarah Palin has alos served as the chief executive of a state with a 40 billion dollar GDP. greater than many countries and has dealt with bothe the Canadian and Russion governments on territorial rights issues, oil and gas and environmental issues. Sh vetoed legislation that would have stipped benefits from same sex couples and negotiated a 40 billion dollar gas pipline from the North slope to the lower 48. I really think that record stands up faily well against a community organizer and 1/2 term senator who has rarely shown up to cast a vote and never called the subcomitte he is in charge of to order.

Fran said...

I laughed but I do wonder and worry- she could have a wacky counterintuitive appeal all her own.

It is still the weirdest choice, but maybe not.

Boy do I hate to sound so cynical!

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Hey, let me guess, 'LIT' - you are a member of the NRA, are opposed to abortion, and think we ought to continue our addiction to fossil fuel by drilling in Alaska.

I'm right, right? Pretty amazing? How did I do that?

Ah, just a wild guess.

VTcrone said...

Hey, the McShame campaign has just announced that Palin's 17 year old daughter Bristol is 5 months pregnant and that she will wed the father of the baby. (I wonder how the potential father-to-be feels about that.)
I always thought that "abstinence only" was one of the cardnial laws for fundimentalist christians, especially when they are against all forms of birth control.

And Lost, Sarah Palin lied when McBush introduced her as his running mate. She said she'd been against the "bridge to no where." She was not until she found out that Washington was not going to provide any funding for it.

Lost in Texas said...

Actually I don't own a gun and I am not a member of the NRA. I think abortion should be allowed if the health of the mother is endangered by carrying to term, and I am all in favor of alternative energy sources. However, your candidate for president, not VP, is apparently in favor of abortion in the fourth trimester, said the latest supreme court decision in favor of the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to keep and bear arms was appropriatley decided. Just a few more thoughts. Wind power is great. I live in west texas very near where T Boone is proposing thousands of wind turbines. I assule that you and yours will previal upon the lion of the democratic party to allow turbines of the coast of Hyannis port. He and his enviromentalist friends killed that because it would spoil his view. Another thing, if wind and sun are to supplyu the power it is going to get awfully dark on a windless night< You have to have back up gneeration. Have you guys solved that problem yet? I didn't think so. Oh and still no word as to why "THE ONE" is qualified to be president but Governor Palin is not qualified to be VP.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Actually, with regard to abortion, the Democratic platform is to reduce by 70-80% the number of abortions by directly addressing the reason for abortions: poverty, lack of access to good health care, etc.

This platform has been celebrated by "pro life" Roman Catholics and Evangelicals as well as pro choice folks from every religious denomination.

With regard to the qualifications of Gov. Palin vs. Sen. Obama - that's precisely the reason Palin was chosen - to snag us into that perfectly ridiculous argument.

Sorry. Not even worthy of discussion.

Bateau Master said...

Wow, dismissing the discussion because you feel it isn't worthy. How convenient.

You have a Presidential candidate with a record of rhetoric but no results - he looks good, he speaks well (with a teleprompter), and he has a compelling story. He has never prepared a budget (balanced or not), exposed corruption, appointed an administration, or even held a sub-committee meeting of which he was chair. When pressured, he kicks his Pastor to the curb saying, “I don’t know that man!”

You have a Vice-Presidential candidate with a record of accomplishing goals – she looks good, she speaks well (didn’t see a teleprompter Friday) and she has a compelling story. She has prepared balanced budgets at both a municipal and state level, stood up to corruption and won, appointed an administration, and cut government waste. When pressured, she and her husband embraced their daughter with support and love.

You may not agree with her politics, but the discussion of qualification is worthy.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

There is no comparison between the Republican VEEP Candidate and the Democratic candidate for President. None. What. So. Ever.

If you wish, you may compare Palin and Biden. But to try and compare Palin and Obama is simply a political ploy - it was part of the reason she was selected - to do exactly what you have tried to do.

Now, spend some time comparing candidates of comparable position: McCain and Obama or Palin and Biden and we've got a discussion worth having.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

BTW, have you seen this?

The man may be 72 but he ain't dead yet. Well, I suppose the male libido never really dies, does it?

Unknown said...

Well, I haven't heard much made of the fact that she's Assemblies of God. This would be the first person I know of to hold the presidency or vice-presidency who speaks in tongues. Maybe she's even been slain in the spirit. She might prophesy. There's a lot of interesting stuff we may learn about Governor Palin.

I really like her a lot, but I have difficulty believing she is not a character on one of those Emmy-winning cable drama series. Really, doesn't she seem like HBO or Showtime invented her?

Cany said...

For those defending McCain:

I assume somewhere along the way, her positions (other than: abstinence only in schools for sex education, the support for teaching of creationism and the non-scientific Intelligent Design theory in public schools including in science classes, her unflagging support for a war where support was generated by lies, her OWN lies about the bridge to nowhere (she was a supporter, not an opponent, and she did NOT send the money back!), her former work with now-indicted AK Senator Stephens campaign and her hiring of lobbyists to get dozens of millions thrown at Alaska despite her claim (and that of the GOP) that she hates pork spending (apparently hates it only in her state).

Not to mention, she supports slaughtering wolves from the air using a loophole in fed policy to do so, has and is supporting legislation that advantages her husband's employer (British Petroleum), her involvement with a group (membership in '94 and a taped speech of support in '08) that seeks to cede Alaska from the US, her entire lack of ANY foreign policy experience or knowledge, and the debt piled on her home town (over $20 million) when mayor.

Oh and this doesn't include evidence now coming out about her little battle intervening to destroy evidence and being investigated in Alaska for firing of individuals, and her advocation of book burning not to mention her suppression of evidence on the science of polar bears (gotten through public information act laws) and her suit against their endangered listing, and her complete lack of knowledge on global warming. She has also said (direct quote) that we CAN drill our way out of our energy problem which is so laughable one has to wonder if the woman has, even, the capability of comprehension let alone logic.

She is an opponent of BIRTH CONTROL in any form.

There are 80 more things, which I won't elaborate on.

Further, in polling, McCains choice to sway the women's vote isn't working. In fact, the polling shows women are not supporting her in general, in some cases VERY significantly, and that her choice as VP gave Obama a bounce.

Even the very weird Phyllis Schlafly doesn't like her and neither do many on the hard religious right because they do not believe a woman's place is anywhere but in the home. Her beliefs (according the statement of faith at her church) are literalistic and NOW there are probes into her alliance with some uber right religious militia.

Even the GOP talking heads are having a heck of a time defending her. There is nothing TO defend that is good.

You better get with the program. She is a loser, politically, and brings MORE baggage to McCain than help.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

So, BM and LIT, check out Campbell Browns' interview with Tucker (poor baby) who got creamed.

I didn't think a debate on Obama vs. Palin was worthy.

Mrs. Brown's lovely daughter proved my point.