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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A place for everything . . . .

Those are some - ahem, I repeat some - of Ms. Conroy's caps.

She's taken to wearing them instead of her wig, which, these days, she only wears for 'special occasions'.

She says her wigs are too hot. Gets uncomfortable. Makes her itchy.

I think the truth of the matter is that she's much more comfortable with her baldness - from an auto immune disease - than she is with wearing a wig.

The one on top is the one she wears when she's on call for the Chatham Emergency Squad. It's one of her favorites.

She must be wearing her absolute favorite one today because I couldn't find it.

Why, it's her Boston Red Sox cap, of course. (Did you really have any doubt?)

A parishioner presented me with this nifty little device that attaches to the top and bottom of the door, with spiffy little clips on which to hang your caps.

I came right home and put it on the pantry door in the kitchen, across from the back door that enters from the garage and next to the door leading to the basement where we hang our weekday coats on another nifty little over the door gadget.

You know. Right where she can't miss it.

I'm guessing this will work for, oh, a week, maybe ten days. And then, I'll hear her in the morning, fussing to one of the pups, "Now, where did I put my cap? Did you take it? Did you hide it?"

The pups will look at her, at the alert and ready to please, cocking their sweet little heads in the cute way they do but thinking to themselves, "This woman is absolutely hopeless! She can never find her cap and then accuses us of taking it. Sheesh! I wish someone would get her a cap organizer."

Well, 'someone' has.

Thank you, Phyllis.

Now, we'll just have to wait and see if she actually uses it.

In the process, we'll test that old adage about 'teaching an old dog new tricks.'

Anybody wanna make a wager?


Malinda said...

Oh honey if you get this to work please let me know as I live with a hat-a-holic and they spill forth from every closet. But, yes he can never find "that hat" when looking for it - male pattern blindness coupled with male pattern baldness is a relationship tester!

susankay said...

I think it is exciting that you are adopting the concept of verticle storage. My much loved partner/husband thinks that any horizontal surface is a storage opportunity.

Thanks be to God for the dogs crate.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Okay - truth be told I'm not a super organizer. I admit that I like looking into my drawers and seeing my t-shirts folded neatly, my jeans all in a row, my underwear in order. Okay, sock drawer always seems to be out of control, but I like neat more than organized. So, I'm no help to her. Just tired of of hearing her fuss every morning.

it's margaret said...

Far too linear for me... perhaps even a Lenten object of despair.... and if it takes too hands to clip the hat... ummmm.... I'll bow out now.... lovely thought though!!! Good job Elizabeth!

suzanne said...

I have a friend at work who lost her hair due to chemo for brest cancer, and she bought this expensive human hair wig, and seldom wore it because it was too hot. She referred to it as her opossum. Actually? when it was on the form, it looked like a opossum.

Joanna Depue said...

I am, truth be told, a hat hound. All my friends know it and bring me back baseball caps from just about everywhere - and I've picked up a few myself. I have 2 of these gadgets ... except they hold 30 each. I just have to make my way to the correct array and finger to lip think: Hmmmm, which hat today???

Joanna Depue said...

I have 2 of these gadgets ... and each hold 30 caps. Between the ones I couldn't resist and the gifts given by friends from their trips hither and yon, a cap is just me, dahling. All I need do is make my way to an array and with finger to lip, mutter 'hmmmm, which cap today'???