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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lambeth: Class Photo

Lambeth Conference 2008

Lambeth Women - 2008
18 in attendance out of 24 in the WWAC
And, of course, one Presiding Bishop and Primate

Lambeth Women 1998
11 in attendance out of 11 in the WWAC

Let us pray that at Lambeth 2018, there are twice as many women in this picture.

Thanks to the Rev'd Dr. Cynthia Black, the multi-talented if not (as yet) unofficial Lambeth Photographer.


Malcolm+ said...

Anyone know who (and why) are the missing six?

Lapinbizarre said...

For some reason the "huge" group photograph brings to mind the opening of the 1991 John Goodman movie "King Ralph", in which the entire British Royal Family is wiped out by an electrical accident during the taking of a similar group photograph.

Michael Hartney said...

Re: the missing six.
Some are retired and some are not in full-time positions as Bishops. The ABC's invitation list was limited, as I understand it, to active Bishops working full time. For example: Barbara Harris and Jane Dixon are not there ... nor is Carol Gallagher.

The conference's loss.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Neither is Mary Adelia of Vermont who has retired and not working in the church.

While there are certainly problems with this picture - if one looks closely there are lots more suffragans than diocesan, but there is one PB and Primate - this is probably the best thing to come out of Lambeth to date.

Malcolm+ said...


I has presumed that the number 24 had not included those not currently "active."