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Friday, July 25, 2008

Lambeth Conference makes the big time . . .

. . . . as "The Theater of The Absurd"

Okay, kids, gather 'round. You gotta see this.

Lambeth Communications officer Paul Paul Feheley, please take note:

This is what happens when there's no "real" news for journalists.

And, my question is, if the folks on Comedy Central "get" how the Anglican Communion works, why can't some of her own bishops?

It's just a question.


Ken said...

On a grim and driven day in my life, this brightened it up. Must've really been bad if church humor gets me turned around, but there it is: something at least as silly as I can be, and probably sillier because everyone dresses better. Thank you, Elizabeth, for posting this!

JCF said...

Laurie Goodstein, in her understanding of the AC, made such a pleasant contrast, compared to Colbert's guest of a few weeks ago (one +Tom Wright :-X)

Malcolm+ said...

Because of some weird technodeal between your Comedy Central and our Comedy Network, Canadians can't view clips from the Comedy Central website. We have to go here:

kc bob said...

Now that was funny..

Fran said...

I shamelessly borrowed this great idea from you blog onto mine.

I am still reeling from the "delicious irony" remark. While true, as one who lives with central authority, such as it is, I say break the bonds.

johnieb said...

My guess is, because they have nothing directly invested in the outcome, like power?

OCICBW, but I doubt that I am.