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Monday, July 28, 2008

A little tour of St. Andrew's, Rugby

Before it becomes "old news" I thought I'd upload a few of the pictures I took while at St. Andrew's, Rugby and give you a little peek into the lovely church and rectory.

This is the yard of the rectory, with a lovely patio and garden. You can see a bit of their daughter Eleanor's swing in the back.

The weather was so perfect, we took almost all of our meals here on the patio, including a marvelous dinner party which featured lamb on the barbecue, perfectly executed by the rector ("Grilling really is a 'bloke' thing," said the rector's wife.), oven roasted potatoes and marvelously marinated and chilled veggies.

Another view of the garden. I am so deeply grateful for the wonderful hospitality shown to me by everyone at St. Andrew's. Do visit their web site. They've just become part of the network of Progressive Parishes.


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth - how DID you make our garden look so nice!

Here is the website address fro St Andrew's, but taking you through the Rugby Team Ministry site so that you can see our other two churches...



Bill said...

There will be no stopping this woman. We will have an English country garden at St. Paul's Chatham if it kills us all. And judging by the average age of the garden committee, it probably will.

Lapinbizarre said...

St Andrew's is important work by William Butterfield, one of the greatest of the Victorian architects. Good to see a church of this significance in the hands of an inclusive congregation. Many important ones, including Butterfield's All Saints, Margaret Street, are currently Forward in Faith churches.

Patrick Cook said...

I'm sorry, I had to write in about this. All Saints, Margaret Street, where I am a parishioner, is not Forward in Faith. If anything, it's Affirming Catholicism, although it is not officially affiliated with either. Our Vicar, Fr. Alan Moses, has spoken in favor of having women as Bishops and one of the founders of Affirming Catholicism is an honorary curate. I'm sure there are several parishioners sympathetic to the goals of Forward in Faith, but the Church as a whole takes direction from London, not Ebbsfleet.